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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up, and for many dads the perfect accompaniment to their book, sport-watching or pottering around the house is a cup of tea, made just the way they like it. 

Get ready for some puns and groan-worthy jokes ahead, because what's Father's Day without dad jokes?

Use this gift guide to celebrate Dad no matter if you're together this Father’s Day or far apart. Not only have we curated a list of teas that make for great gifts, we've also included some tea-related activities, gear, and recipes to help quench his thirst. Without further a-brew, here's our 2021 Father's Day Gift Guide.

Mugs & Cups


1. Japanese Taiyaki Tea Infuser Mug in Gift Box

We can't help but think Dad will take a photo for social media with this fish-shaped tea infuser mug. It holds 10 oz of liquid, and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus, the top acts as a loose leaf infuser, which makes the whole tea-making process go swimmingly. We think he will be reel-y happy with it! $15.95 | Shop Now 

2. Handcrafted Sasquatch Mug

A dad in its natural habitat shares many of the same characteristics as everyone’s favourite mythical (or is he?) woodland creature: reclusive, monosyllabic (if that) and somewhat mysterious in its habits. Show your dad you care by giving him this mug depicting a not-so-distant relative roaming freely through pristine woodland, not a care in the world. This mug is handcrafted in Oregon, and holds a sasquatch-sized amount of brew: 14 oz! $20.95 | Shop Now

3. Hand Crafted Forest Trees Mug

This mug speaks of building campfires, catching huge fish (no, really, it was this big!) and gettin’ back to nature—something all dads in urban habitats long for now and then. It is inspired by the Pacific Northwest and made in America, and when you get back from your camping expedition, it can be put in the dishwasher or microwave. $19.95 | Shop Now

4. Chemistry Lab Beaker Mug

Few dads are immune to the allure of science-y, geeky looking paraphernalia. This extra large 16 oz beaker features the chemical composition of a caffeine molecule. Top it up with the caffeinated brew of his choice (we recommend our extra spicy and warming Double Spice Chai Black Teaand he’ll be ready to program rockets, perfect nuclear energy, or, er, finish the porch. $12.95 | Sold Out

Tea Set


5. Limoncello D'Anjou Teapot with Infuser and
6. Limoncello D'Anjou Tea Mug

This minimalist no-frills teapot is suitable for any dad with a hankering for a teapot of his very own. With this 20 oz teapot and 8 oz mug he’s set for at least a few strong cups. The muted colors add an understated elegance that wouldn’t look out of place in an office, kitchen or man-cave. It even comes with its own handy dandy tea strainer! The whole kit and caboodle (minus strainer) can also be microwaved and all parts are dishwasher safe. 

Shop the Teapot $33.50 and Mug $15.50 - Also available in seafoam blue!




7. Bola Glass Teapot 25 oz

This ain’t Miss Marple’s teapot. This sleek glass vessel comes with a strainer and push-on lid that makes brewing any Stash Tea an aesthetic experience. The lid and basket can easily be removed for cleaning too—score!  $36.50 | Shop Now

8. Aberdeen Easy Tea Steeper

Nifty gadgets are an easy way to win dad over, and this snazzy tea steeper ticks that box. Place it directly on top of the mug to release the steeped goodness stored above! This Steeper is made by Grosche, who are proud to provide underserved communities with safe drinking water. The Steeper is also dishwasher safe, no muss, no fuss. $23.95 | Shop Now

9. Iced Tea Jug

If your dad isn’t an iced tea convert already, he soon will be with this Iced Tea Jug that allows dad to use either a hot or cold brew method to make his pitcher of iced tea. Perfect for poolside, boatside, campside, TV-side; it provides refreshment and afterwards, is easy to clean. $30.25 | Shop Now



10. Extra Fine Tea Infuser with Porcelain Caddy

This infuser ain’t messing around and is raved about by both customers and Stash staff! It fits most teapots and mugs and comes with a porcelain caddy-cum-lid—no more drips! The fine mesh strainer even gets the little itsy bits for the cleanest brew possible. $12.95 | Shop Now

11. Matte Black Canister

Tidy and organized—things that may remind Dad of his life before kids? Scratch that. 

This minimalist tin provides an airtight seal and ensures that the tea stays fresh for longer. Rescue Dad’s loose leaf tea from the inevitable drawer of miscellany it lives in now, and for such a low price it’s a no brainer. $4.00 | Shop Now

12. Rustic Leaf Tea Bag Caddy

This rustic outdoorsy caddy brings the ambiance of autumn leaves into the house… without needing to be vacuumed up! The perfect spot to pop a tea bag, teaspoon or infuser. $4.95 | Shop Now

Travel Tumbler


13. Chicago Vacuum Insulated Tea Infuser Travel Bottle

Another sleek Grosche item that provides people in need with clean drinking water, as well as keeping your brew chilled for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. And we’re sure your dad won’t mind that the svelte black exterior makes it look like something used to transport top secret materials. Let him have his moment. $29.95 | Shop Now



14. Enfinigy Electric Kettle Pro with Temp Control

The only thing this kettle doesn’t do is pour your dad’s tea itself and fetch his slippers. What it does do is provide you with 6 pre-set program settings (for that oh-so-perfect brewing temp), keep the outside of the kettle cool to the touch, and it has a 30-minute “keep warm” function, ensuring your second cuppa is ready when you are. All that and it looks like it came straight off the set of Star Trek—futuristic in looks and function! $129.95 | Shop Now



Tea Bags:

15. Super Irish Breakfast

This tea has a whalloping kick of caffeine and is the perfect cuppa for the early morning pick-me-up; brewed strongly, it’ll all but kick your dad out of bed. $3.95 | Shop Now

16. Super Mint

If your dad's always on the hunt for the mintiest mint tea, we’ve got the solution. Introducing our Super Mint tea, made with top-quality wild mint; some of the mintiest of mint plants out there. This refreshing tea can be served either as an extra cool iced tea (since the cooling effect of the mint is enhanced when served cold) or warm. $3.95 | Shop Now

17. Golden Turmeric Chai

This tea is spicy, warming and enhanced by turmeric, a spice that is known for its gut-balancing properties. That said, in no way is this a purely medicinal experience. The spicy and comforting ginger, cardamom and cinnamon notes are the perfect way for Dad to unwind. $3.95 | Shop Now

18. Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Here’s a tea that isn’t afraid to show its true colors. You get twice the bergamot in this citrusy blend of bold black tea. This tea is a resounding success with tea lovers, and we know your dad will get a kick out of it too. $3.95 | Shop Now

Loose Leaf:

19. Root beer Iced Tea

Who’d’ve thunk root beer would taste good as a tea?! We did. A summertime favorite that you can serve hot or cold, this tea has all the flavor of root beer without the sugar. While “beer tea” is perhaps still a while off, this is one heck of a thirst quencher, and we know your dad will agree. $9.95 | Shop Now

20. Lapsang Souchong

If your dad loves a good single-malt, this tea will come as close as any tea could to matching that flavor. This strong and smoky brew originates from the Fujian province of China and undergoes a process of rolling, smoking, drying and aging in barrels, producing an intensely rich, smoky flavor. $7.95 | Shop Now

21. Genmai Green Tea

“Devastatingly Delicious”—no, we’re not talking about what your mom thinks of your dad. We’re quoting the award-winning Rosengarten Report. This tea has a centuries-old Japanese tradition behind it, and brews up almost a nutty, toasty flavor. Need we say more? $7.95 | Shop Now

Fun Activi-teas for Father’s Day Bonding


  • Brew yourself and your old man a good strong cup and sit down with some family albums or home videos for a stroll down memory lane; make sure some tissues are on hand when the tears start flowing about how thick and luscious his hair used to be.
  • Cook up one of our delicious tea-infused recipes (see below for a few suggestions) together while blasting your favorite songs; the neighbors can deal with it. 
  • Treat dad to a home spa experience with a tea-inspired foot soak. For the foot soak, combine epsom salts and a fragrant loose leaf tea (may we suggest peppermint?), in a 4:1 ratio and add to a tub of warm water. Get those hairy dad feet out of their shoes and into the tub quickly and let 'em soak. Follow up with a foot rub and your dad will be purring (or more likely snoring) with happiness in no time. Store any remnants in an airtight container for future foot soaks!

Tea-Infused Delicious Recipes to Treat Dad to This Father’s Day


Sunday Brunch Earl Grey Vanilla Waffles

Treat your dad to breakfast in bed with these waffles, infused with Stash Earl Grey loose leaf tea. Drizzle these babies in honey and hand your pop a crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-as-a-cloud-on-the-inside breakfast feast. 

Stuffed Mini Potatoes with Lemon Ginger Tea
Show me a dad who doesn’t love a good baked potato… you can’t. This recipe has a zingy twist in the form of our Lemon Ginger tea. These humble spuds have been elevated with a creamy, garlicky filling and will be the perfect accompaniment to a Father’s Day lunch.
    Mango Passionfruit Hard Seltzer
    Pour Dad up a cold one when you create a hard seltzer recipe with a tea twist. Not only is this tropical blend tasty and refreshing, it’s also pretty easy to make…. What’s more, the recipe makes enough for two. So join in on the fun by toasting to another year of Dad. Cheers, Pops.

      However you choose to treat your dad this Father’s Day, the most important thing is to just be there for him. So grab a cuppa and enjoy the day, and just for one day, give him leave to make as many terrible jokes as his heart desires. 

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