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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021


“Mom.” Is there any other three-letter word that exudes so much loveliness, so much wholesomeness, so warm-and-fuzzy-feeling in your heart and tummy-ness? 
May we humbly suggest: tea. (And maybe Gin. But can’t have that on duty, and we know moms always are.) But why tea? Why not flowers, or chocolate, or a pony? 
Well, for one, we heard that ponies rarely come house-trained, but the real reason is that unlike any of those, tea gives you the chance to take a little time to yourself. You can grab a coffee to go, wolf down those chocolates in a stolen moment while hiding in your pantry, and fling those flowers in a vase, but tea steadfastly demands steeping time.
It’s basically non-negotiable. 
“Mommy can’t get the gum out of your hair now, honey. The tea is still steeping.” 

“Wish I could help you look for your soccer shoes, sweetie, but mommy’s tea is still steeping.
So in fact, when you give your mom one of our tea-rrific little gifts, it’s basically a license for her to take a moment. Take a seat. Take a sip.
For this Mother’s Day, we’ve specially curated these goodies to spoil the mom in your life. Whether that’s your birth mom, mom-in-law, mom-friend, step-mum, fairy-god-mom—really any mom will be tickled pink to put her feet up (for once) and steep herself a good cuppa. 
Be sure to order before 4/23/21 to make sure her prezzies reach her in time! 
So without further a-brew, here are our 2021 top gift ideas for Mother’s Day. 


Caffeinated Teas

For our mom-focused tea selection, we’ve considered the two modes that moms operate in. Mode 1: non-stop mom-on-a-mission, and Mode 2: lying comatose on the couch at the end of the day with energy levels and brain activity frankly flatlining. We got you, boo. 
 First up, we have teas with some zing, pizazz and panache. And caffeine. Most importantly caffeine. 
Double Spice Chai

When our special blend of cinnamon, black teas, cloves, ginger root, cardamom oil, and allspice hits your nostrils… ooh MAMA. The mom in your life will be left wondering whether she’s in a) a Moroccan souk, b) a German Christmas Market, or c) some combination of the two. Maybe like Santa in a fez? Regardless, this doubly delicious brew has flavor in spades and enough caffeine to revive her senses enough to keep trekking through the day. Shop now.

Super Irish Breakfast

For being totally alcohol-free, this tea can really hold its own against its boozy cousin the Irish Coffee. Frankly, with the caffeine punch this tea packs, you might as well carry it in a hip flask, not a mug. When the mom in your life needs a stiff drink and it ain’t happy hour yet, slide a cup of Super Irish Breakfast her way. She’ll thank you for it. Shop now.

Coconut Mango

We know all moms deserve an all-expenses-paid trip to the tropics, where they can be waited on hand and foot while sipping Daiquiris on a beach. Well, when you can’t go to the tropics, let the tropics come to you. It’s refreshing. It’s fruity. It’s sweet. And that oolong caffeine blast? *chef’s kiss*. If your mom never thought a luau in her mouth was not only possible but damn invigorating too, she soon will. Shell bikini not included. Shop now.


Pictured right. According to legend, Aphrodite herself planted the first pomegranate tree. And as the goddess of procreation with over a dozen kids (can you imagine laundry days??), we think she knows a thing or two about motherhood. Treat your mama like the goddess she is with this abundant infusion of pomegranate and raspberry that not only looks gorgeous but boasts hibiscus, orange peel, and matcha as flavor co-stars. Just like Aphrodite, she ain’t just a pretty face. Shop now.

Breakfast in Paris

Did you know Edith Piaf wrote “Je ne regrette rien” in response to tasting this tea? Well, not really. But we know the mom in your life will not regret a fragrant entanglement with this suave blend of lavender, vanilla, bergamot, and black tea. Whether served hot or iced, this blend is as luxurious as any you’ll find in the City of Love, and you didn’t even need to pay for the overpriced croissant! We may have fibbed about Edith (désolé) but trust Audrey Hepburn:“[Breakfast in] Paris is always a good idea.” Shop now.


Low or No-Caffeine Teas

At the end of a hectic day, once the buck-wild creatures we call “children” are sound asleep, moms finally have a chance to recover and reset. This next set of teas are not only a feast for the senses, but have little to no caffeine just the ticket for ensuring Mama gets her beauty sleep. Alternatively, enjoy these brews at any time of the day when you feel that even one more dose of caffeine will give you crazy eyes and the shakes. (We’ve been there.) 
Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut (about 5 mg of caffeine)

The Mayan people knew that a good chocolatey drink was nothing short of spiritual. We tend to agree, and have blended together all the decadence of velvety chocolate with naturally decaffeinated black tea, hazelnut, and a dash of vanilla. And if you wanna go ahead and add some milk or cream to it? Oh, honey. Low caffeine. Totally nut-free (yes, really!). And judgment-free. (We see you going for that third cup!) Treat your mom to this delicious treat before we change our minds and keep it for ourselves. Shop now.

Wild Raspberry Hibiscus

This tea, like many mums, has two sides: flowery, soft and sweet, and then a kick of zest that ain’t messin’ around. Another bonus? Hibiscus tea is known for lowering blood pressure, and if there’s anything busy moms are familiar with, it’s that cartoon smoke-coming-out-of-your-ears feeling that so often accompanies mom life. We get it, we do. Instead of knocking back a rosé, she can knock back one of these pink drinks and feel the day melt away. Shop now.

Licorice Spice

This tea has been one of our mainstays long enough to be a mom itself! Over 40 years of flavorful, spicy goodness combining licorice root, orange peel, and cinnamon have proven time and time again that the best things in life are teaspecifically this one! No caffeine, so gift your mama this cup of groovy goodness for the perfect anytime treat. Shop now.

Blueberry Superfruit

Superfruit for a supermom! This berry delicious (couldn’t resist) beverage is beautiful both iced and warm, with all the natural sweetness and tartness of berries (but we won’t judge if you add a li’l sweetener to it). Enjoy any time of year, or any time of day; caffeine-free means she’s an any-timer: great for a midday flavorful pick-me-up, or a me-time after dinner treat. Shop now.

Cinnamon Apple Chamomile

Has there ever been a match more made in heaven than apple and cinnamon? This cup is like a warm hug made with a mother’s love… what more could you want? Caffeine-free with a chamomile base; forget about counting sheepget your mom this tea and let her drift off on a cinnamony pie-shaped cloud into the sunset. Shop now.

Tea Set

Of course, me-time teatime is made so much more satisfying with a beautiful tea set. Let your mom really lean into the moment by gifting her this adorable tea set.
Polish Pottery Blue Daisy Teapot (and Mug)

This darling duo is the perfect accompaniment for your mom’s solo tea-based indulgence. Designed by Polish artists in Boleslawiec, this Teapot and Mug combination is sure to elevate any of our bold teas to the next level. Shop Teapot. Shop Mug.



Dunoon Fine Bone China English Daffodil Mug

The daffodil, also known as the narcissus, has long been a symbol of prosperity and good luck. This particular beauty is handcrafted in Staffordshire, England and its 16 oz capacity is roomy enough to hold a whopping dose of your mom’s favorite pick-me-up. Shop now.

Summertime Sun Mug

Pictured left. A cheery cup of sunshine to sip from in any weather! Designed by artist Nicki Peeples, this mug recalls lying on a beach with a good read, not a care in the world. Who cares if the kids are being eaten by a shark? Not your mom. It’s that good. Shop now.
    Japanese Taiyaki Tea Infuser Mug in Gift Box

    If your mom is a fan of the odd or imaginative, go ahead and gift her her very own chummy mug, complete with a fish head-shaped infuser! If you want to give her something none of her book club friends have, place this fellow in her hands. Reminiscent of the sweet taiyaki street-treats sold in Japan, this mug is certainly a conversation piece. Shop now.

    Bee Archival Mug

    Moms are busy bees, and this 16 oz mug will make sure she has the nectar to keep her going! And at the end of the day when she returns home to the hive? This mug can be popped straight into the dishwasher. Bee-autiful. Shop now.

    House Party Mug in Gift Box

    It is a truth experienced by many: some moms fricken love birds. We picked this gift for those moms whose nest, we mean, home is stacked with bird-related decor. This mug depicts a gathering of birds, all socially distanced, having a fabulous time, which your mom can join in on, too! Shop now.


    Other Goodies

    Gold Tea Tongs

    With tea as good as ours, your mom will want to squeeze every last drop from the bag. These babies are stylish, effective, and easy to use. The days of wasted tea are gone! Long live tea tongs! Shop now.

    Flask Glass Iced Tea Jug with Black Lid

    Pictured right. This jug lets you brew up a refreshing pot of iced tea, whether your mom has hours of time to spare while she lets her tea cold brew or if she has mere minutes before comes begging for her attention (we’re guessing your mom will relate to the latter). And she’s not just pretty to look at, folksthis nifty jug comes with shock-resistant borosilicate glass, an easy-grip handle, and a filter cap that makes sure no tea spills out when you’re ready for that first icy glass. Shop now.

    Chicken Creamer

    Minimalist yet quirky, this feathered friend is so darn cute and will make any tea lover cluck with excitement. Shop now.

    Small Bamboo Tea Chest

    Any self-respecting tea lover needs a place to keep their stash, and if there’s one thing we know about moms: they love storage. Or maybe we’ve been watching too many home reno shows. This bamboo chest holds up to 60 tea bagsno more rooting through boxes and bags and drawers and cupboards. Been there, done with that. Shop now. 

    World Traveler Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler

    Moms are always on-the-go, from soccer practice, to work, to the vet, to the grocery store... luckily her brew of choice can accompany her through all her errands in this here tumbler. Double glass walls mean no burning hands and insulation to keep your tea hotter (or colder) longer! Score! Shop now.

    Give mom something to make her me-time just that bit more special. We’re confident she’ll love any of these thoughtful goodies, but feel free to peruse the rest of our site for that perfect gift! And if you snag some of these gifts for yourself? Well… mum’s the word.

    Make sure you heed your mother’s advice of not leaving things to the last minute! 

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