• Fall in love this New Year!

    This fragrant tea blend has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Holiday Clear Out

The season may be over but the flavors don't have to be... Stock up on your favorites before they are gone!

Honey Chamomile Tea Latte

Nothing says warm and cozy like a chamomile tea latte, except for maybe a honey chamomile tea latte.

Cups & Mugs

Our collection of tea cups, tea mugs, tea pots, and tea tumblers are perfect for everyday use and on the go!

  • Loose Leaf Tea

    Loose tea, herbs, spices, and more

Tea is quiet, predictable, and tame. Stash on the other hand…

Stash isn’t a bag of tea.
It’s a little bag of crazy.
And it’s about time we show it.

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