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    To us, tea is an opportunity

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"Asian Pear Harmony strikes the right chord! This blend is just right. The fragrant, lightly fruity Asian pear scent/taste marries beautifully with the mild Japanese-style green. It's delightful unsweetened. I haven't yet tried this tea chilled, but it should be a treat."– Lori Shop now

Faceted Rock Tea Cup | Stash Tea

Faceted Rock Tea Cup

Inspired by the subtle, natural colors of the Pacific Northwest, this textured stoneware cup is formed in a shape that fits comfortingly in the palm of your hand. As with everything found in nature, each individual piece is unique in its shading and coloration. Shop now

National Hot Tea Month Tips

Save water and drink tea..oops! Well, you get the point. We challenge you to get active with your tea! Replace water (or coffee!) with energizing teas and take it with you for a nature hike or skiing trip. Don’t have a tumbler yet? Get 15% off on all our tumblers through Saturday! Shop now

To us, tea is an opportunity.

To excite the senses.
To surprise your taste buds.
For us, tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy.
It just has to taste good.
Damn good.

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