• Loose Leaf

    Think outside the (tea) bag

  • Life Is Better with Tea & Flowers

    So why not combine the two?

  • Your Nightcap is Steeping

    Flavor-filled chamomile blends await

  • A Little Bag of Crazy

    Stash isn't just a bag of tea

Double Spice Chai & Orange Mocktail

The warming spices in our Double Spice Chai combine with citrusy orange in this tas-tea chai tea mocktail recipe to create an unforgettable drink. 

Minimalist Loose Leaf Steeper

This stylish Tea Steeper fits easily on your mug so you can steep your tea with minimal effort and mess. It is the only steeper that is completely made from BPA free Tritan and stainless steel without any other plastics.

Earl Grey But Make It Floral

This is our special take on Earl Grey tea. We added lavender and vanilla to our proprietary blend of black teas. What more could you ask for?

To us, tea is an opportunity.

To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. For us, tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy. It just has to taste good. Damn good.

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