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    To us, tea is an opportunity

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"Asian Pear Harmony strikes the right chord! This blend is just right. The fragrant, lightly fruity Asian pear scent/taste marries beautifully with the mild Japanese-style green. It's delightful unsweetened. I haven't yet tried this tea chilled, but it should be a treat."– Lori Shop now

Chemistry Lab Beaker Mug

For the science-inclined or just those who are addicted to the buzz of caffeine, this laboratory beaker-inspired mug is etched with the caffeine molecule structure. You and this mug and your daily cuppa tea definitely have some serious chemistry. Shop now

National Hot Tea Month Tips

This month we challenge you to share a cup of tea with a friend who prefers coffee; introducing them to the different flavors and benefits of this amazing beverage will surely win them over! To get some inspiration and tips, we’ve created a blog all about Coffee vs. Tea! Read more

To us, tea is an opportunity.

To excite the senses.
To surprise your taste buds.
For us, tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy.
It just has to taste good.
Damn good.

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