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  • Miso and Lemon Ginger Tea Glazed Carrots

    Carrots may regularly play a supporting role to the main meal, but this glazed carrot recipe will make carrots your main star; they are just that good!  

    Total Time: 50 minutes Makes: 4 Servings Type: Stash Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea 

    Miso and Lemon Ginger Tea Glazed Carrots

    Salty, sweet, and tender, these miso-, tea-, and brown sugar-glazed carrots are a melody of rich flavors that make you savor every bite. It’s also an easy and inexpensive dish...

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  • Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

    Cucumber tea sandwiches are the ultimate mini food!

    Prep time:  5 minutes Serves: 1 person  Type: Peach Black Tea

    Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

    Do you want a quick easy snack? Or perhaps you’re throwing a garden tea party? Cucumber sandwiches have you covered for both! Pair these teeny-tiny finger sandwiches with our Peach...

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  • Meyer Lemon Rice Pilaf

    Infuse your rice with the bright and tart flavors of Meyer Lemon tea! This simple, savory dish gives classic rice pilaf an interesting new twist. Plenty of aromatic herbs and...

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  • Stuffed Mini Potatoes With Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe | Stash Tea

    Impress the guests at your next get-together with a simple recipe that looks impressive but takes little prep time!

    Prep time:  30 minutes Serves: 4 people Type: Stash Lemon Ginger

    Stuffed Mini Potatoes with Lemon Ginger Tea

    And bonus: your vegan friends will be able to enjoy this appetizer too. We fill mini potatoes with a creamy filling, blended with bright, zingy flavors from our Lemon Ginger...

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  • Holiday Chai Cranberry Nut Loaf Cake

    Serve up slices of this delicious loaf to your friends and family, or savor for breakfast with a cup of tea. The spicy flavors of our Holiday Chai tea perfectly complement...

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  • Tea Infused Orange Duck Bites With Brie

    We challenged food bloggers to creatively infuse Stash Tea as an ingredient in savory dishes and beverages. From the wonderful range of responses, it was difficult to pick a winner!...

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  • Pear And Chai Upside-Down Cake

    A slice of this sweet and spicy cake pairs nicely with a cup of hot black tea! Recipe adapted from Sips and Spoonfuls. Serves 10 people. Contains caffeine, unless you substitute...

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  • Apple Cinnamon Glazed Ham

    Our Stash Tea twist on a holiday classic, roast ham with festive flavors. Read our apple cinnamon ham glaze recipe here.

    Total Time :2 hours Makes: 1 5lb Ham Type: Stash Apple Cinnamon Chamomile

    Apple Cinnamon Glazed Ham

    Ingredients 1 center cut pre-cooked ham (approximately 5lbs), scored1 cup frozen apple juice concentrate, defrosted 4 Tablespoons cornstarch 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup water1 tbsp Dijon mustard1 1-inch piece...

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