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How To Brew Tea

How to brew tea | Stash Tea

Hot Tea Brewing Guide

Our steeping chart is just a starting point—adjust it to your taste as you develop your personal tea rituals. We recommend brewing our loose leaf teas using an infuser, with water at a minimum of 170 oF.

Note: tea must be brewed for at least one full minute.

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Brewing Chart | How to brew tea | Stash Tea

How to Make That Perfect Cup of Tea

  • To make the tea stronger, don’t steep it for longer —unless it’s herbal. Steeping a tea for too long will make it bitter rather than strong. Instead, add more tea leaves or bags.
  • As a general rule, use one level teaspoon or 2 grams for every cup (8 oz) you’re making. Fluffier ingredients like mint and chamomile or teas with larger leaves like green tea or oolong could use an extra teaspoon.
  • Tea bag teas are usually one per cup (8 oz) of tea, though you can always double-up when you want it stronger!
  • Spring water is ideal for brewing, but not necessary for making a good cup of tea. If possible, use fresh cold water. Never use water directly from the hot water tap. Instead, if tap water is your only option, let the tap water run for a few seconds until it is quite cold; this ensures that the water is aerated (full of oxygen) to release the full flavor of the tea leaves.
  • Try not to let your water reach a rolling boil, as that will release oxygen and result in a flat-tasting cup of tea.
  • If brewing with loose leaf tea, there are several different types of infusers available; sometimes you’ll need to experiment a little until you find the perfect one for you.
  • Many teas are good for a second (even third!) steeping. Multiple steepings can bring out more subtle flavors and notes. Commonly, oolong, green tea, white tea and pu-erh fall into this category. Give it a shot—you might end up liking the second infusion better than the first!
  • Interested in knowing more about brewing loose leaf tea? Read our loose leaf brewing guide.

General Tips

  • Use twice as much tea as you normally would. This will make sure your iced tea is bold in flavor.
  • Add your sugar or sweetener while the tea is still hot. If your iced tea is already chilled, we recommend adding agave nectar to sweeten your tea; unlike sugar or honey, agave will easily dissolve in cold tea.
  • You can use tea bags or loose leaf tea. Not all pitchers come with a handy infuser for loose tea brewing, but filter bags work in a pinch!

Iced Tea Brewing Guide

  1. Put in 2 teaspoons of loose tea or 2 tea bags for every cup (8 oz) of tea.
  2. Fill your pitcher or glass halfway with hot water.
  3. Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on personal preference.
  4. Fill the pitcher or glass up the rest of the way with cold water, then take out the tea leaves or bags.
  5. Pour your tea over ice and serve.

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