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Tea at Any Time!

Tea at Any Time!

For millennia, philosophers have argued about the answer to one of life’s most important questions: what time is tea time? We believe unreservedly that any time can and should be considered tea time, and that the only points of contention lay in which tea to consume at which time of day. We have hereby curated the following suggestions to find the perfect brew for each part of your day.

Breakfast Time

For those days when you have a to-do list as long as your arm, something aromatic, invigorating, and yes, caffeinated, is just the ticket.

Rousing oneself from slumber seems easy enough in theory; one minute you are asleep, the next you are not. In practice, it seems our beds are designed to lull and lure us back under the covers indefinitely. This may be a deliciously tempting offer on a weekend, but sometimes weekdays demand a small (or big) kick out of bed to get your day started. If you need a fragrant and delicious incentive to rise up out of bed, why not sip as the Parisians do and try our Breakfast in Paris Black Tea. How’s this for a winning combination: mellow vanilla, floral lavender, and reviving citrus all balanced on an Earl Grey base. And yes, mon ami, it’s got a healthy dose of go-juice (a.k.a. “caffeine”) so you can bounce out of bed and kick some goals. Magnifique!

Want all of the pep and none of the caffeine? Mint is a natural stimulant and our Super Mint Herbal Tea is the minty-est there is! This is a non-caffeinated option with tons of kick and pizazz—a refreshing zing of real wild mint gathered from the Pacific Northwest. Perfect as-is brewed in hot water, or for a more indulgent option, our serving suggestion: double strength + creamer = mint tea latte heaven.


Lunch Time

Emails starting to blend together before your eyes? Time seeming to slow and melt like a Dali painting? Dear friend, I diagnose you with The Slumps—a common midday ailment best cured with a bracing elixir of potent ingredients. Luckily, we have just what the doctor ordered: teas to beat the dreaded 3 o’clock slump and sail through to EOD!

Behind door number one is our staff favorite Chai Spice Black Tea, a spicy rollercoaster of flavor to revive your afternoon. All the sensory deliciousness of a stroll through a soukh brewed to go! We got cinnamon, we got clove, we got ginger, all mingled together nicely with some fine Assam black tea from India. Don’t knock it till you’ve chai’d it! 

Behind door number two is a familiar friend with a twist; this ain’t the Earl Grey you know. Oh no, our Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea has been on a soul searching trip to the painfully picturesque Italian region of Calabria, where it picked up a few citrusy tricks to put up its sleeve. Allow this newly enlightened Earl to brighten your afternoon with a double helping of bergamot, which plays very nicely with the bold and beautiful black tea we know and love. Bellissima! 


Dinner Time

The work day is done and it’s time to wind down and enjoy the evening. In these cool fall months, what better than a soothing cuppa after a hearty meal?

Did you know that  licorice root is known to aid in digestion? How about sipping on an iconic post-dinner favorite: Licorice Spice Herbal Tea. Combining sweet licorice root with a bevy of spices like cinnamon, orange peel, and star anise, this tea satisfies from first sip to last. Not sure if this is, ehem, your cup of tea? Ask anyone; this blend has been a fan favorite since the ‘70s! Back then, we knew we’d created something truly groovy. We may have grown out of our bell bottoms, but this cuppa has stood the test of time. 

Alternatively, we suggest a delicious palate cleanser like our Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea. Never tried a tea with hibiscus in it? Prepare for a tart, fruity, and floral flavor bomb, paired beautifully with ingredients like raspberry and rosehip. And if the taste wasn’t good enough, the bold magenta pink color and lingering aromatic fragrance provide that extra little bit of magic. 



What’s for dessert, you ask? Well, how about something astoundingly gourmet whipped up with the help of some of our Double Spice Chai Black Tea. Stun and delight family and friends with some Sweet & Spicy Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes: the perfect ending to any evening. As soon as you open the packet, prepare for glorious spicy wafts to permeate your kitchen. Add some sugar, some spice, and a walloping helping of luscious buttercream and you have yourself a crowd pleaser. Grab one fast before they all disappear! 

As bedtime beckons, why don’t you try our Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea; what can be more dessert-y than chocolate hazelnut? A rich helping of natural chocolate flavors complemented by sweet vanilla. This brew won’t keep you up at night either; low caffeine = sweet, chocolatey dreams. And that’s not all, folks; despite the name, this tea is safe even for those with nut allergies! Brew with a dash of sweetener and milk for the ultimate bedtime treat. 


From dawn ‘til dusk, there’s so much to brew and so little time. Sometimes a warm beverage makes all the difference—a fire in your belly and a renewed energy to win the day. So take a sip and cup-a diem. (We think that means Teas the Day.)


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