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Autumnal Organizing

Autumnal Organizing

Say it with me folks: Sweater Weather. Fall is upon us, which means scarves, boots, beanies, tea—we 👏 are 👏 here 👏 for 👏it 👏. In summer one can take a sort of out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to the state of one’s humble abode. Now that everyone is spending more time indoors due to the cooler weather, and just about every major holiday comes knocking in quick succession too! Guests and decorations are in, and time for organizing is out. But before you give in to the stuff-everything-in-the-nearest-closet urge, brew yourself a cuppa and peruse our list of five tasks you can get on top of before fall sets in. We’ve also paired some delectable brews to sweeten the deal. Bonus if you can rope in any offspring or significant others to help out! Perhaps offering a batch of Sweet & Spicy Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes would seal the deal! But now we’re just procrastinating. Time to roll up our sleeves and get organized.


Those first autumn showers or the magical first snowfall seem to lose some of their charm when they result in a bombsite of scarf, boot and coat-related detritus all over the house. Not to mention the prints coming from said boots.

While one can breeze through the door in summertime, the colder seasons call for a “launch area”—all outer layers to be donned and shed in one location in an easily accessible place near the door. We’re talking hooks on walls, shoe racks and a bench with easy to access boxes beneath. Also consider a container for wet umbrellas and a coat rack for both coats and bags! Most of these organizing hacks are also renter-friendly; for homes where you can’t drill holes in the wall, consider adhesive hooks; you’d be surprised how much weight some of them can bear! If you’re heading out into the cold, arm yourself with our Lemon Ginger Soother. Its namesake, our punchy, zesty, (feisty even) Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea is the scourge of all sore throats and tastes pretty darn good as well.



The kitchen/dining area will be seeing some serious traffic, whether that be holiday cooking, lunch prepping or celebrating around the table.

Get your pantry and kitchen organized with containers and labels—junk drawers begone! Bonus points for a label maker machine; that thing printing off customized labels is basically ASMR. Browse Pinterest for some organization inspiration, and while you’re at it, pair your labelling extravaganza with our Golden Turmeric Chai. This recipe for a dreamy, creamy Turmeric Golden Milk Tea Latte is the perfect excuse to take stock of your pantry and spice rack. 

Organizing school lunches can be made much simpler by meal prepping ahead of time. Search for “lunch box meal prep” online—you’ll be amazed at the inventive, easy and healthy options that are meal-prepable (Is that a word?). Pair the meal prep bonanza with our Double Bergamot Earl Grey: a boost of caffeine + zingy citrus for the morning rush. 


Guest / Spare Rooms

We know that for 60% of the year, Guest Room is synonymous with a sort of “Room of Requirement” (i.e., when you require space for laundry, boxes, a magical army or two—we’ve all been there).

If you’re anything like us, you’re likely to find whole colonies of bobby pins living amongst the mess. Get your guest quarters holiday and guest-ready by decluttering and editing down items that seldom get used. Try to donate as much as possible to avoid things going to a landfill. 

This is also a great time to get any seasonal decorations organized. Anything broken or tangled beyond hope (a moment of silence for those fairy lights) should be banished, but resist the urge to buy too many new decorations, lest you find yourself in a similar situation next holiday season! 

For this clutter-busting marathon, we recommend our Ginger Peach Tea. Savor the nostalgia of juicy summertime peaches alongside the spicy warmth of ginger; the perfect drink to symbolize the changing of seasons.



From season to season our wardrobes need major overhauling—especially if you are low on space.

Under bed storage is a life saver; keep light and breezy summer items tucked safely away from dust and bring out those snuggly sweaters and leggings (yes, they do count as pants, thank you very much). As before, mindfully get rid of any items that no longer “spark joy”, as Marie Kondo would say. If you are doing the full KonMari Method, you would be dumping all your clothes on the bed and sorting “keep” and “donate” piles from there. 

To go along with this theme, a good pear, erm, pair is our Asian Pear Harmony: a zen boost of energy to whip through your wardrobe—you’ll feel better afterwards, we promise!


The Bedroom

Our final destination: The Boudoir. You can take a hard-earned nap here after kicking your organization goals. Your inner sanctum could also use a cozy refresh for the snuggliest of seasons.

We’ve mentioned our love of under bed storage: this is also a great option for off-season sheets! Swap breezy linen sheets for flannel or other suitably cozy materials. A few aesthetic changes can also make a huge difference to your bedroom’s ~vibe~. How about some fall-scented candles? Or some knitted throws? 

And as you sink back into the sheets, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you are ready for the chilly seasons. Sit back and take a sip of a calming brew. A great option is the Spice Dragon Red Chai. If you’ve never tried a rooibos-based tea, prepare your senses. Spicy, soothing, warming and the perfect complement to the Netflix binge you now so thoroughly deserve.

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