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  • Decaf Vanilla Chai Cherry Pie Recipe

    Who doesn’t love pie for the holidays?! We took a classic cherry pie and spiced it up with our Decaf Vanilla Chai Tea. This ain’t your mama's Duncan Hines Cherry Pie recipe. This is a homemade cherry pie recipe that gives us all the cozy fall and holiday feels. 

    Total Time: 1 Hour Makes: 1Pie Type: Stash Decaf Vanilla Chai

    Decaf Vanilla Chai Cherry Pie Recipe

    This recipe isn’t just about using Decaf Vanilla Chai to spice up your life. We also included a crowd-pleasing pie crust recipe that doesn’t require the bells and whistles of...

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  • Gingerbread Chai Cookies

    If you’re looking to add a little pizazz to the classic gingerbread cookie, this Gingerbread Chai Maple-Glazed Cookie recipe is for you! 

    Total Time: 13 minutes Makes: 14 Cookies Type: Stash Double Spice Chai Black Tea 

    Gingerbread Chai Cookies

    The Double Spice Chai flavors shine through the spice of the gingerbread, while the maple glaze perfectly sweetens it. This gingerbread cookie recipe makes 14 delicious cookies with a soft,...

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  • Green Tea Gummy Bears

    Live your best life with your new favorite easy gummy bear recipe that can be made kid-friendly if you substitute with any caffeine-free tea.

    Prep time: 15 minutes Makes: 240 mini gummy bearsType: Stash Asian Pear Harmony Green

    Green Tea Gummy Bears

    The world is obviously a better place with gummy bears in it. Now add the amazing flavors of green tea to gummy bears to make the world an even better...

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  • Chocolate Mint Tea Popsicles

    Chocolate peppermint tea may not be the most common tea blend out there, but it is definitely a tasty one. We used our peppermint and chocolate tea to create this...

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  • Chai Tea Latte Chia Pudding

    Give a flavorful boost to your morning chia pudding with our Double Spice Chai! The end result is an indulgently sweet and spicy treat, which you can customize with your...

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  • Christmas in Paris Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

    Whoever added chocolate to cheesecake deserves a blue ribbon. Now take that already award-winning combo and add in our decadent Christmas in Paris dessert tea. This dessert recipe will rock your...

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  • Tea-Infused One-Minute Mug Cakes

    It’s as true now as it has ever been: the world needs more quick and easy dessert recipes. These three recipes fit that bill. They’re so easy that you only need...

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  • Double Spice Chai Mini Pancake Cereal

    This viral breakfast cereal has been blowing up on TikTok. But our variation deserves its own 15 minutes of fame. We combine cinnamony, sweet chai flavors with adorable mini pancakes,...

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  • Fudgy Brownies With Maple Apple Cider Buttercream Frosting

    Let us introduce you to these must-try, easy fall desserts! The rich chocolatey brownies are highlighted by the flavorful buttercream topping, with its tea-infused notes of apple cider. This tasty, probably the best...

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