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      A convivial drink in Japan shared at home with friends. This unique tea is made with green tea and brown rice. Light golden color and nut-like flavor and aroma. The Rosengarten Newsletter* gives this tea 5 stars and says, "devastatingly delicious...wild nose that goes beyond toasted rice, almost to the buttery popcorn at the bottom of the bag. Huge and complex toasted flavors on palate. Smooth, round, non-astringent, thoroughly satisfying feel. A must".

      *The Rosengarten Newsletter, winner of the 2003 James Beard Award as the best food and wine newsletter in the country, covers the most exciting, undiscovered food products, restaurants, wines and travel destinations in the world.

      In 1690 in Japan, the Yamamoto family began producing premium teas, a tradition that continues to this day. More than three centuries of experience go into the selection and processing of Yamamotoyama Teas, among the finest in the world.

      Blended green teas, brown rice

      Steeping Instructions
      1-3 minutes at 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit


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      Cups to Grams

      • 100 grams makes 45-50 cups
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    • Variant: 100 g loose
    • SKU: 168450

*Staff Pick*

"The toasty flavor of Genmai is very nostalgic for me. Just the aroma alone brings me back to memories of my mother soaking handfuls of toasted rice in her tea—right before she ate it with a spoon! I haven't yet experienced another tea that can bring me such a sense of home." - Alaina H. (Wholesale Marketing Manager) 

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic blend

I'm big fan of tea and don't mind to try something new. This blend was pleasant surprise for me. It has nutty-earthy flavor. Very comforting blend especially for cold weather. Love it

Tom J.
Warm and comforting

Genmaicha is warm and comforting . Drinking Genmaicha feels like coming in from the cold and stripping down to your long underwear to recover . It’s slightly bold yet comforting .

Wonderful flavor...

Love the flavor, reminds me a lot of my childhood ... Thank you!

Kent C.
Wonderfully uniqie tea

I usually don't care for green tea because I has little flavor,but this one is nutty goodness

Marie M.
Nutty and warm

Nutty and toasty, with a tendency to bitterness if left to steep too long. Love this for afternoons. The scent alone can revive and anchor me.

Cherry S.

Wonderful and refreshingly Earthy flavor.