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Tea Recipes

  • Mango Passionfruit Hard Seltzer

    If there was one alcoholic beverage that could sum up this past year, it’s probably the hard seltzer. So of course we had to put our own delicious, tea-infused twist...

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  • Regent’s Punch Green Tea Cocktail

    We love all tea cocktails. But this one was created specifically for those moments when you want to treat yourself like royalty. While there is some disparity on the exact...

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  • Mulled Wine

    Mulled wine (a.k.a. spiced wine) is a great choice for a cozy and uplifting holiday drink. What makes this beverage even more enticing is that it’s a dump recipe, meaning...

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  • Chai Spiced Rum Cocktail

    Creamy, indulgent, and delicious! This easy tea cocktail recipe delivers boldly sweet and spicy flavors, sure to warm you up from the inside out. Ingredients Makes one 10 oz drink...

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  • Berry Moroccan Mint Julep Recipe | Stash Tea

    You’d be hard-pressed to find mint julep recipes created with tea. We decided to change that. Before coming up with ours, we knew two things: first, it had to be easy to make, ‘cause that’s just what we like here at Stash. And second, we wanted to taste some fresh mint tea in it. 

    Total Time: 10 Minutes Makes: 1 Drink Type: Moroccan Mint Iced tea

    Berry Moroccan Mint Julep

    Since our Moroccan Mint green iced tea is flavored with a hint of lemongrass, it gives this recipe a nice twist compared to a regular mint julep. And then of...

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  • Strawberry Pomegranate Tea-Infused Tequila Sunrise

    There’re a few things we like about this cocktail recipe: first, the homemade tea-infused simple syrup can be used for a lot of different recipes. We love versatility, especially right...

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  • Earl Grey Lavender Bourbon Punch

    This ‘party sized’ tea recipe blends together the citrus bergamot flavor of Earl Grey black tea with sweet, slightly floral lavender notes with mellow bourbon. What can you expect from...

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  • Tea-Infused Quarantine Cocktails

    Even though it’s true, aren’t you tired of reading business updates that start with “in these uncertain times?” Yeah, us too. But it is comforting to know that we’re all...

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  • Cookies N' Cream Lavender Martini

    Warm up your pinky, ‘cause this tea and popsicle-infused cocktail recipe will make it pop! All you need is our Breakfast in Paris tea, vodka, Baileys, chocolate syrup, and GoodPops Cookies...

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