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Tea Recipes

  • Citrus And Honeydew Sparkling Tea Punch

    A simple, immensely flavorful sweet-tart and refreshing sparkling punch with fresh-squeezed citrus and Sweet Honeydew green tea. This truly is a unique citrus green tea blend that celebrates both the...

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  • Orange Spice Brandy Alexander

    A staple for those festive winter nights, made with our zesty Orange Spice tea. This recipe is brought to you by Kayleigh Kosmas of Oh Honey! Ingredients Makes one drink 1.5 oz. Cognac 1.5...

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  • Premium Green Mojito

    Shake up a refreshing mojito with a twist! Our Premium Green Tea adds a hint of green tea and a bright undertone for a drink that looks as irresistibly fresh as it tastes. .

    Total Time: 3 minutes plus time to cool Makes: One 16oz Drink Tea Type: Stash Premium Green Tea

    Premium Green Mojito

    Muddled with fresh mint, lime, and a touch of simple syrup to balance out the tartness, we’ve found our perfect drink for summer. In addition, the smooth flavor of our...

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  • Blackberry And Tea Shrub

    Enjoy this sweetly-tart mixer great for cocktails or other old-fashioned drinks!

    Total Time: 24 hours soaking time Makes: 1 Cup of Syrup Tea Type: Stash Minty Licorice Delight

    Blackberry And Tea Shrub

    Shrubs are a sweet-tart mixer made by letting fresh fruit sit in vinegar, then adding sugar to the infused vinegar and boiling it all down to a syrup that brings...

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  • Sea Captain's Punch

    Bold flavors such as black tea, brandy, and dark rum make one amazing cocktail combination! Read how to make this dangerously delicious Sea Captains Punch. Ingredients Makes 16, 5 oz...

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  • Jacob's Hibiscus-Vodka Cocktail

    Refreshingly tart with a ginger tang, this vodka hibiscus cocktail cocktail was mixed for us by Jacob Grier and The Carlyle Restaurant in Portland, OR. Ingredients 2 oz chilled Stash...

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  • Berry Black Tea Cocktail

    Easy and refreshing, this fruity black tea cocktail is a happy hour must-drink! Ingredients 1 Stash English Breakfast or Organic Breakfast tea bag 1/2 cup hot water 1/2 cup sugar...

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  • Cherry Green Tea Cocktail

    Fruity and flavorful, this refreshing green tea with cherry cocktail is perfect for a warm summer evening. Ingredients 2½ cups water 3 Stash Premium Green tea bags 1½ cups cherry...

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  • Green Tea Mojito

    A twist on the classic mojito, this drink is perfect for sipping in the afternoon sun. Check out our green tea mojito recipe.  Ingredients 4 oz (1/2 cup) water 1...

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