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Tea For Your Enneagram Type

Find the perfect tea that is compatible with your Enneagram type | Stash Tea

Not familiar with Enneagram? Let us introduce it to you. This personality profiling system has been steadily growing in popularity. Instead of trying to identify specific personality traits, Enneagram personality tests attempt to define what motivates people.

If you haven’t found out what Enneagram type you are, take a look at this free online test to see where your motivation comes from. You might want to brew a cup of our calming Chamomile Nights when you see your results since many people find it alarmingly accurate!

Click here for an overview of the personality types. If you want to take the official version of this test, it’s also available on this site.

Which Tea Is Compatible With Your Enneagram Type?

Below you’ll find the tea we suggest for you, based on your Enneagram.

Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 1 The reformer | Stash Tea

1 - The Reformer

The Rational, Idealistic Type: 
Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic

Basic Tea Fear:
Over-steeping and ruining your tea. It could have been perfect, and now you have to start all over again to get it right.

Recommend Tea:
Decaf Vanilla Chai — We know you’re on a mission, but this spicy chai blend with a hint of sweetness can both give you a moment of respite, and be an example of how to take on life. So take a minute while you’re drinking this blend and think about how you might bring a little more fun or pleasure to your exquisitely-laid plans.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 2 The helper | Stash Tea

2 - The Helper

The Caring, Interpersonal Type:
Generous, Demonstrative, People-Pleasing, and Possessive

Basic Tea Fear:
Pouring their own tea first and not leaving enough for someone else to enjoy. Of course, it would be an accident.

Recommended Tea:
Cinnamon Apple Chamomile — Once you’ve completed your people-pleasing tendencies, brew up some Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, sit back, and look at all the people you’ve made happy today. Be proud of what you’ve done and accept the fact that you can’t do everything for everyone. Chamomile can help you with that latter part.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 3 The achiever | Stash Tea

3 - The Achiever

The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type:
Adaptable, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious

Basic Tea Fear:
Not making the perfect cuppa for the moment. Caffeinated tea before bed? Rookie mistake. You know Double Bergamot Earl Grey is great for your morning pick-me-up instead.

Recommended Tea:
Double Bergamot Earl Grey — Self-assured and occasionally “extra,” 3’s can enjoy this fun twist on Earl Grey with twice the bergamot flavor. It’s amusing just like our admirable 3’s are, but tea-loving Achievers will still get that intense black tea flavor that is so popular. Just like them.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 4 The individualist | Stash Tea

4 - The Individualist

The Sensitive, Introspective Type:
Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental

Basic Tea Fear:
To like the same exact tea flavors that everyone else drinks.

Recommended Tea:
Licorice Spice — Ain’t nobody going to tell you what to like or that licorice is “gross.” You know how to ‘do you’, so trying something out that others might be scared to try is definitely your cup of tea.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 5 The investigator | Stash Tea

5 - The Investigator

The Intense, Cerebral Type:
Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and Isolated

Basic Tea Fear:
Needing someone to make the tea for you… Nope. You got this!

Recommended Tea:
Spice Dragon Red Chai — There is a lot of flavor to discover in this blend. And with a pretty profound name like Spice Dragon, it might make others hesitant to try to sip some of this tea with you. Which is perfect, right? This blend has some seriously bold flavor. So bold, it might just awaken the dragon in you. Then, in your typical 5 manner, you can fearlessly continue to create the life of your dreams. On your own, of course.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 6 The loyalist | Stash Tea

6 - The Loyalist

The Committed, Security-Oriented Type:
Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious

Basic Tea Fear:
People disapproving of your tea preferences. So what if you like your tea lukewarm?

Recommended Tea:
Peppermint — No worries 6’s, you won’t have to venture outside of this flavor to know that it’s the best peppermint tea out there. It’s obvious! And there’s no need to spend hours overthinking about it since we’ve been using only the highest quality Pacific Northwest peppermint since the ‘70s.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 7 The enthusiast | Stash Tea

7 - The Enthusiast

The Busy, Variety-Seeking Type:
Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive, and Scattered

Basic Tea Fear:
Not having time to try all of the tea flavors you want. The horror!

Recommended Tea:
Chocolate Mint — 7’s can get excited by just about anything, but you particularly avoid being upset or in pain. As the most indulgent number, treat yourself with this tea that “tastes like a Girl Scout cookie.” And use that caffeine boost to get focused on a task that you’ve been putting off.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 8 The challenger | Stash Tea

8 - The Challenger

The Powerful, Dominating Type:
Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational

Basic Tea Fear:
Someone choosing what tea to brew up for you. You can make your own decisions!

Recommended Tea:
Coconut Mango — After a day of decisive decision-making, you could use a little bit of fun. So pop a chair on the deck, pour a cup of Coconut Mango over ice, add a little umbrella if you're feelin' fancy, and celebrate your day of accomplishments with this fruity oolong tea.


Tea For Your Enneagram Type | 9 The peacemaker | Stash Tea

9 - The Peacemaker

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type:
Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent

Basic Tea Fear:
No one ended up coming to the tea tasting you planned… But you still won’t call them out for being no-shows.

Recommended Tea:
Sunny Orange Ginger — This herbal blend is sunny and sweet, yes. But it also offers a little excitement with a kick of ginger. Perfect for The Peacemaker, who is agreeable yet sometimes resists anything that will stir up their tranquility.


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