Mint - Field to Cup


Our Pacific Northwest-Grown Mint

The most flavorful, fragrant, and potent mint in the world grows right in our own Pacific Northwest backyard. We were the first to use this prized peppermint for teamaking over 40 years ago.

Cultivated in rich, nutrient dense soil, our mint has a distinctly high menthol content — a result of the unique microclimates of the Pacific Northwest. That perfect aromatic sip is the culmination of exceptionally flavorful mint; years of work, collaboration, testing, and mastering; and authentic long-term relationships with local producers founded on decades of renewed business together. Our journey making mint teas is a reflection of creativity and commitment to quality that is part of our soul as a teamaker.


Mentha piperita
delicate and slightly sweet


Mentha spicata
bright and intense

Wild Mint

Mentha arvensis
cool and refreshing

At the heart of our mint teas are the expert farmers in Oregon and Washington that care just as much about quality as we do, and work tirelessly to produce the best tasting mint for us year after year. Although mint grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest, growing prize mint is not easy. Mint production is a skill that requires persistence, resolve, and dedication.

We rely on our producers for quality and consistency, and they go the extra mile, oftentimes using sustainable agricultural practices.
They are the ones who make our teas great.

Our local producers plant and grow peppermint, spearmint, and wild mint, each species requiring a different approach. They are faced with challenging weather conditions and irrigation problems. They diagnose and troubleshoot pest issues using biological methods whenever possible. When producing an organic crop, they help weed acres of mint entirely by hand, often several times a season.

They predict when to cut the mint with precision timing, prepared to harvest at a moments notice to preserve oil content and get the best possible yield. Prior to processing, they let the cut mint dry to the perfect color green, using a level of intuition that only comes from years of experience. Some use traditional, time-honored methods and some eagerly implement new, advanced technologies if it means that extra opportunity for a more prosperous crop.


McGreer Farms

Clarno, Oregon


Martin Farms

Rufus, Oregon


Roff Farms

Clarno, Oregon

What started as a collaborative venture between tea maker and farmer resulted in an authentic and lasting partnership that still exists today.

Our History with Mint

Though a long-established crop in the PNW, before the late 1970s virtually all peppermint grown in this region was harvested for essential oil, not leaf. Inspired by a growing demand for herbal tea, Stash convinced a couple of local peppermint growers to attempt producing mint for tea leaf, a vastly different and much more time consuming approach than standard essential oil production.

With a farm-to-tea philosophy, the crew from Stash rolled up their sleeves alongside farmers, even driving combines during harvest time. Adept at problem-solving, the farmers worked to perfect production methods, rigging up milling machinery to get the perfect leaf size.

Every summer, new crop would arrive from Central Oregon to Stash Tea's former warehouse in NW Portland for processing and resale distribution, with large amounts sold to several other leading tea companies for use in tea blends and herbal infusions. Regardless of brand, chances are that if you enjoyed PNW-grown peppermint tea during those years, the mint came through our doors.

Located in the Pearl District, this area of the city was quickly dubbed the "Mint District" due to the thousands of pounds of mint processed at this facility and the unmistakable mint aroma that escaped into the surrounding streets.

Currently the Pacific Northwest produces 90% of the country's peppermint. Decades later, we still purchase peppermint from our original partners, along with several other suppliers throughout Oregon and Washington. We have gotten even more specific about consistency, freshness, and peak flavor, and are united by the simple purpose of making great quality, flavorful, and accessible teas using the best all-natural ingredients.

Easy to steep and wonderfully fragrant, versatile mint pairs harmoniously with other ingredients and spices or shines alone as a single blend tea. One of the most fool proof teas to brew, you can’t go wrong when making the perfect cup. Enjoy plain, add a spoonful of honey to amp up the sweetness, or pour over ice for a refreshingly cool beverage.

For iced tea, use double the tea bags.