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  • The Best Chai Tea Recipes for the Season

    Spiced tea season is here and we’re ready to chai things up! Explore our mouth-watering chai recipes and discover new ways to enjoy your spicy tea blends. The Difference between...

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  • Christmas in Paris Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

    Whoever added chocolate to cheesecake deserves a blue ribbon. Now take that already award-winning combo and add in our decadent Christmas in Paris dessert tea. This dessert recipe will rock your...

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  • Eggnog Chai Latte

    Get festive with our homemade Eggnog Chai Latte! Wake up to this simple recipe on Christmas morning. Ingredients Makes one drink 1 Stash Chai Spice or seasonal Holiday Chai tea bag 1/4 cup boiling water 1/2 cup...

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  • White Chocolate Moroccan Mint Tea Latte Recipe | Stash Tea

    Moroccan Mint green tea combines with creamy white chocolate for a decadent holiday treat.

    Total Time: 20 minutes Makes: Six 12oz servings Type: Stash Moroccan Mint Tea

    White Chocolate Mint Tea Latte

    Our spin on a classic holiday flavor combination, this latte was made for fireside sipping. Try adding a shot of booze to kick things up a notch. Ingredients 3 tea...

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  • Mulled Wine

    Mulled wine (a.k.a. spiced wine) is a great choice for a cozy and uplifting holiday drink. What makes this beverage even more enticing is that it’s a dump recipe, meaning...

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  • Tea-Infused One-Minute Mug Cakes

    It’s as true now as it has ever been: the world needs more quick and easy dessert recipes. These three recipes fit that bill. They’re so easy that you only need...

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  • Chai Spiced Rum Cocktail

    Creamy, indulgent, and delicious! This easy tea cocktail recipe delivers boldly sweet and spicy flavors, sure to warm you up from the inside out. Ingredients Makes one 10 oz drink...

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  • Dairy-Free White Peach Pink Drink

    The Pink Drink, also known as the Strawberry Refresher, is the definition of insta-famous. There are a ton of ways to make a DIY Pink Drink, so you know we...

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  • Berry Moroccan Mint Julep Recipe | Stash Tea

    You’d be hard-pressed to find mint julep recipes created with tea. We decided to change that. Before coming up with ours, we knew two things: first, it had to be easy to make, ‘cause that’s just what we like here at Stash. And second, we wanted to taste some fresh mint tea in it. 

    Total Time: 10 Minutes Makes: 1 Drink Type: Moroccan Mint Iced tea

    Berry Moroccan Mint Julep

    Since our Moroccan Mint green iced tea is flavored with a hint of lemongrass, it gives this recipe a nice twist compared to a regular mint julep. And then of...

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