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  • Sunday Brunch Earl Grey Vanilla Waffle Recipe | Stash Tea

    Ready, set, weekend! Craving some easy, tea-licious, and fluffy waffles for your weekend brunch? These honey-sweetened Earl Grey tea vanilla waffles are crispy on the outside but oh so fluffy on the inside.

    Total Time: 30 minutes Makes: 6-8 Waffles Type: Stash Earl Grey Black Tea

    Sunday Brunch Earl Grey Vanilla Waffles

    To achieve a crispy exterior, set the waffle iron to high heat. If you want a stronger Earl Grey flavor to come through, we recommend using Stash Double Bergamot Earl...

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  • Citrus Hibiscus Sangria

    Make the most of this Wild Raspberry Hibiscus sangria when you use fresh, seasonal fruit! A mix of citrus ingredients is especially delicious. Mint and sparkling water are added to...

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  • Earl Grey Lavender Bourbon Punch

    This ‘party sized’ tea recipe blends together the citrus bergamot flavor of Earl Grey black tea with sweet, slightly floral lavender notes with mellow bourbon. What can you expect from...

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  • Tea-Infused Quarantine Cocktails

    Even though it’s true, aren’t you tired of reading business updates that start with “in these uncertain times?” Yeah, us too. But it is comforting to know that we’re all...

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  • Rainforest Chai Coconut Latte

    A sweet and spicy chai latte with creamy coconut milk and energizing Organic Rainforest Chai tea. Delicious hot or poured over ice. This recipe is brought to you by Kayleigh...

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  • Chamomile Pink Moon Milk

    Counting sheep until 2 am? This dreamy Pink Moon Milk is infused with Stash Chamomile, known as the tea that helps you sleep. One cup of this pink nightcap equals...

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  • Strawberry-Honey Infused Chamomile Iced Tea

    This delicious drink infuses naturally caffeine-free chamomile tea with strawberry and honey. Put your ‘how sweet is too sweet for iced tea’ to the test by customizing the amount of...

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  • Cookies N' Cream Lavender Martini

    Warm up your pinky, ‘cause this tea and popsicle-infused cocktail recipe will make it pop! All you need is our Breakfast in Paris tea, vodka, Baileys, chocolate syrup, and GoodPops Cookies...

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  • Citrus And Honeydew Sparkling Tea Punch

    A simple, immensely flavorful sweet-tart and refreshing sparkling punch with fresh-squeezed citrus and Sweet Honeydew green tea. This truly is a unique citrus green tea blend that celebrates both the...

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