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Tea Recipes

  • Cozy Cinnamon Tea Steamer

    The coziest drink award goes to this easy-to-make tea steamer. With the spicy-sweet flavors of cinnamon and vanilla, it's chilly weather comfort in a cup.

    Total Time: 10 Minutes Makes: 1 Drink Type: Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal Tea

    Cozy Cinnamon Tea Steamer

    Ingredients 2 tea bags Stash Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal Tea (caffeine-free) or Stash Sweet Cinnamon Black Tea (caffeinated) 6 oz hot water, heated to 195-205 °F (just under boiling) 2 Tablespoons...

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  • Portland Fog Latte

    Inspired by our most popular tea bar latte, Double Grey Portland Fog, enjoy a delicious version of this drink at home. Ingredients Makes one 12 oz latte 1 tablespoon Stash Double Grey...

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  • Strawberry Hibiscus Iced Tea

    Stay cool and refreshed all summer long with this Strawberry Hibiscus Iced Tea!

    Prep time:  18 minutes Makes: 4 16oz servings  Type: Stash Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Stash Peppermint

    Strawberry Hibiscus Iced Tea

    This refreshing berry tea is mixed with strawberry purée to add lots of extra fresh berry flavor. Serve with lots of ice and a sprig of mint for garnish and...

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  • Summer Berries And Orange Slushie

    A flavorful, fruity, and kid-friendly drink! The bright citrus flavor of the orange juice pairs wonderfully with tart and bold raspberry. Ingredients Makes about six 8 oz servings 4 cups...

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  • Berry Almond Galette With Asian Pear Tea-Infused Cream

    Asian Pear Harmony green tea imparts the subtle fragrance of fresh Asian pears and complements this almond galette perfectly. "A galette is the perfect dessert to make when you’re in...

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  • Honey Meyer Lemon Shaken Iced Tea

    Enjoy this refreshingly bold and flavorful shaken iced tea, featuring bright notes of citrus and cooling peppermint. Not only is this tea fun to make (and shake!), it’s also caffeine-free...

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  • Premium Green Mojito

    Shake up a refreshing mojito with a twist! Our Premium Green Tea adds a hint of green tea and a bright undertone for a drink that looks as irresistibly fresh as it tastes. .

    Total Time: 3 minutes plus time to cool Makes: One 16oz Drink Tea Type: Stash Premium Green Tea

    Premium Green Mojito

    Muddled with fresh mint, lime, and a touch of simple syrup to balance out the tartness, we’ve found our perfect drink for summer. In addition, the smooth flavor of our...

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  • Lavender London Fog Latte

    This delicious and calming drink is perfect for cooler spring mornings

    Total Time: 3-5 minutes Makes: 1 Cup of Tea Type: Stash Earl Grey

    Lavender London Fog Latte

    A dairy-free, lavender infused version of the popular London Fog tea latte made with Stash Earl Grey. Brought to you by holistic nutritionist Tanya De Sousa Tea has always been...

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  • Gingerbread Cake With Chai Spice Buttercream

    Everything about this cake says holidays. It’s loaded with rich molasses and lots of wintry spices for a dose of nostalgic gingerbread flavor, then coated in silky Stash Chai Spice Tea-infused...

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