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Welcome to the 2019 Best Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

Welcome to the 2019 Best Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

We all have one in our life. The person who can’t get enough tea. Their body no longer consists of 80% water, it’s more like 80% tea. Tea is the second most popular drink IN THE WORLD. Second only to water. There are so many kinds of tea drinkers out there too.

In the U.S. we tend to think of tea drinkers in one way: Those obsessed with Hygge (look it up) or being cozy. Curled up on their couch with a blanket, a good book, and a nice scented candle. But those cozy-lovin’ people aren’t the only kinds of tea drinkers. Especially if you’re a Stash Tea fan.

To us, tea is an opportunity. To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. We believe that tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy. It just has to taste good.

Damn good.

So with that in mind, we’ve come up with specific lists for some different kinds of tea drinkers. Whether you’re shopping for the rugged manly type, a tea-and-animal lover, or someone who has O.C.D. (Obsessive Christmas Disorder), we’ve got you covered.

So go ahead, give these gifts a... chai.

OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder blog | The best Gift Guide 2019 | Stash Tea

For the person with O.C.D. in your life 

(That stands for Obsessive Christmas Disorder.)

  1. Reindeer mug collection ($9, Reindeer Christmas Tea Mug) If you can’t choose a favorite reindeer, don’t worry, you can buy a couple. 
  2. Adorable Christmas Tea Mug/Pot combo ($20, Holly and Berries Tea for One) Just in case your tea drinker is not in the Christmas spirit of giving. Gift them this mug and teapot combo that will allow them to brew a cuppa just for themselves.
  3. Ultimate Tea drinker Christmas Set ($39, Winter Grove Christmas Gift Set) Are you one of those people whose wrapped gifts look like a kindergartener got ahold of some tape and paper? Paste a bow to the top of this giftbox and call it good. No wrapping required.
  4. Simply darling Vintage Style Christmas Tea cups ($8, Vintage Christmas Tea Mug)
  5. Christmas in Paris ($4, Christmas in Paris Herbal Tea) Ah, Paris… The city of love. Now you can drink this tea and imagine that you’re gazing through a hotel window at the Eiffel Tower with your lover, instead of trying to get your kids to sleep in an extra 30 mins on Christmas morning. Or did you wish for the perfect teas for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day? Abracadabra. Wish granted.  ($9, Christmas Eve and Morning Boxed Tea Set)

Kit Tea Lovers blog | The best Gift Guide 2019 | Stash Tea

Dog and Kit-Tea lovers

For the person on your gift list who believes pets are people too. 

  1. If the person you’re shopping for likes cats and tea, congrats. You found the purr-fect gift for them. ($10, Purrtea Infuser)
  2. If your gift-receiver prefers a cute pooch compared to their female counterparts, here’s a cute tea steeper for dog lovers. ($10, Hot Dog Tea Infuser) There’s actually one for cat lovers too.
  3. Don’t forget some of our most popular teas to go with your new steepers or mugs! Raspberry, PeppermintSix-Flavor Fruity Herbal Tea Gift Box (Prices Vary)
  4. What does the fox say? More importantly, does anyone care? You know what is cool though, is this two in one teapot and cup set.  ($24, Freddy Fox Tea For Me)
  5. Llamas are some of the cutest animals on earth. Don’t @me- just get this infuser. ($10, Como te llama infuser)

Real Man Drink Tea blog | The best Gift Guide 2019 | Stash Tea

Manly Men Drink Tea 

We’re not your grandma’s tea company. We’ve got tea for the outliers. So, if the minute you hear the word “tea” you start thinking of fancy, frilly, fruity ladies with their pinkies up at a tea party.. You can think again. We’re living in a do-what-you-want and drink-what-you-want age. What a time to be alive!

  1. Rugged, strong and not frilly… no I’m not describing the man on your shopping list, it’s the perfect teapot for the manly man in your life. It comes in two colors too! ($25, Orb Teapot)
  2. He’s a tea drinker and a world traveler? Sounds like a keeper. Gift him this folding travel-friendly tea infuser. ($13, Folding Handle Tea Infuser with Travel Case)
  3. Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea ($9) It’s organic, it’s robust, it’s delicious, just like the manly tea drinker on your shopping list, right? ($4, Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea)
  4. This may be a metallic mug, but it still feels pretty rugged to me. For those guys who aren’t afraid of shiny things. But just in case shiny isn’t his cup of tea (see what I did), there’s a matte option too. ($10, Sculptural Black Glaze Tea Mug)
  5. Does he do his best thinking while he is drinking his tea? Gift him this Einstein mug so he can write down his genius ideas right on his cuppa. Or maybe he’s more of a fan of my guy Ben Franklin? We got that genius covered too. ($13 ea) [Ben Franklin Mug is sold out!]

Real Class Act | The best Gift Guide 2019 | Stash Tea

A Real Class Act

This gift list has been specifically curated for that person on your list who is classy AF.

  1. The first gift idea is Polish pottery, which just sounds fancy. Check out this tea pot with red berries painted on it, and don’t forget to finish the set with matching mugs. ($66, Polish Pottery Red Berry Teapot, $33, Polish Pottery Red Berry Bubble Mug) 
  2. This is the actual Tea Infuser that the queen of England uses… don’t fact check us. ($7, English Tea Infuser with Drip Cup)
  3. Keep your pinkys up when you sip your tea from this adorable lavender teacup. ($21, Lavendar Cup and Saucer)
  4. There’s nothing more classy than English Breakfast Tea in Bags, except maybe Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea ($6, English Breakfast Black Tea Bags $9 English Breakfast Black Tea - Loose Leaf Tea)
  5. Is your tea drinker a self proclaimed (or proclaimed by others) Art Snob? Here’s a mug for you to gift them. We also have other art mugs like Frida Kahlo, and this Van Gogh mug ($20, Gustav Klimt The Kiss, $20, Frida Kahlo Mug, $20, Van Gogh Starry Night Infuser Mug with Lid in Gift Box)

We know you want the satisfaction of giving the best gift to every person on your list. No matter what the tea drinker in your life is like, we have something for them. If you didn’t see that perfect gift mentioned on our list above, check out our website for the rest of our amazing giftable products. Teaware and tea.

I would now like to take this opportunity to help make you the kind of person you want to be in life… So here’s your gentle reminder…

DON’T WAIT ‘TIL THE LAST MINUTE TO BUY YOUR PRESENTS! Make sure you purchase before December 15th in order to receive your products before Christmas. 

You’re welcome :)

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