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Tea vs. Coffee: Which Is Better for You?

Coffee vs. Tea: Which Is Better for You? | Tea vs coffee | Stash Tea

But first, tea.

If you’re reading this on our blog, then you really must trust us. Obviously we’re a tea company, so we have a slight bias towards the beverage. But truthfully, the Stash Tea team is stacked with coffee lovers as well. So when it comes to the discussion of tea vs coffee, we are here for it. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

General Caffeine Beliefs Between Tea vs. Coffee

“Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee” has been the number one selling mug in the world for 65 years. Just kidding. But we probably all know someone who feels this way. Now, we’re not saying tea has necessarily gotten a bad rep. But in the U.S. many people overlook tea as a means for their caffeine kick. Tea is often associated with self-care, relaxing, and winding down.

Listen, we’re all about some self-care, but tea is a great alternative to coffee if you’re looking to get energized.

What’s interesting, is that people choose coffee instead of tea for a caffeine boost, but then they subsequently feel jittery, uncomfortable or experience the negative side effects of caffeine overconsumption. Since there are so many perks to caffeine, we aren’t here to suggest nixing caffeine from your routine altogether… But maybe it’s time to rethink your method of caffeine consumption, instead. It’s easier to regulate your caffeine intake when your beverage has about half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee does.

Which Is Better For You? Tea Or Coffee?

To answer the question ‘which one is better for me, tea or coffee’: the final answer IS OBVIOUSLY TEA!—Kidding. Like many answers in life, there is no definitive answer here. When comparing tea vs. coffee, the best course of action is to try different things and learn which is best for you. If that’s not a life lesson disguised as a tea versus coffee question, I don’t know what is.

Want to know more about caffeine in different types of teas? Read our Black, Chai & Green Tea: Do They Have Caffeine blog.

Now that you’ve heard our take on it, here are the reasons we believe tea > coffee.


Tea vs Coffee: 9 Reasons Why Tea Is Better than Coffee

  1. It’s easier to avoid the negative side effects of caffeine overconsumption. This is because your cup of tea will (likely) have less caffeine on average than your cup of coffee. Sort of like a built-in way to better monitor your intake.

  2. There are so many flavors of tea to choose from! Options are truly endless.
  3. You don’t have to add sugary flavored syrups to get a flavorful cuppa since Stash’s teas have bold and bright tastes and use only all-natural ingredients and flavors.

  4. Want to kick-start your New Year’s Resolutions? We have loose leaf teas like Chocolate Dandelion Detox tea, and Ginger Digestive Balance that might be just what you need.

  5. Matcha is thought to give you the caffeine buzz without the crash. If you’re susceptible to caffeine crashes, this would be reason numero uno to make a switch from coffee to matcha. Here are a few fun flavors with matcha that you can try! Ginger Peach Green and Pomegranate Raspberry Green.

  6. Maybe you want a warm and tasty cup of something, but don’t want a big caffeine boost. Again, tea is here for you. Our decaf teas will give you just a little pick-me-up.

  7. To expand on that, certain types of herbal teas include ingredients that are known to help us Type A’s reeelax. Try a fun chamomile tea or an herbal tea with lavender or mint.

  8. You will never find the bold tangy and spicy flavor of our Lemon Ginger herbal tea in a cup of coffee. This tea is one of our best sellers and it’s no wonder with such bold and vibrant flavors. Not to mention it’s all-natural. You may be able to detect notes of different flavors in your coffee, but not like tea.

  9. Are you sensitive to caffeine but want the benefits of tea? Try our herbal teas. Most of them are naturally caffeine-free.

Tea with caffeine vs. Decaf tea | Tea Wheel | Stash Tea

P.S. This isn't even all of our flavors!

Switching from Coffee to Tea

If you’re considering making the switch from coffee to tea, find the kind of coffee you drink below and see what tea options we suggest as a replacement for your specific coffee bevvy.

Large Dark Roast, Black Coffee.

Your beverage style: You’re a purist. You like bitter, bold flavor.

Drink this: English Breakfast black tea. It’s a no-fuss tea version of your coffee order. Do you prefer loose leaf tea and want something more complex? Try one of our Darjeeling blends.

Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

Your beverage style: Rich, creamy and caffeinated.

Drink this: Super Irish Breakfast (the espresso of teas) and add a creamer of your choice! Maybe you want to continue your morning routine of a cold, creamy beverage. So make it iced! Be sure to double up or even triple the amount of tea bags you use. As an added bonus, you’ll get even more caffeine when you do that.

Peppermint White Mocha

Your beverage style: Sweet, minty...and sweet.

Drink this: This recipe, our White Chocolate Mint Tea Latte is a spot-on substitute. Be prepared for your whole life to change. That’s the power of tea lattes.

If you prefer regular chocolate or are too short on time to make yourself a latte, give our Chocolate Mint oolong tea bags a try. It’s a fan favorite around here.

Dirty Chai

Your beverage style: Chai is a pretty specific taste! And lucky for you, chai is already tea. 🙌🏼

Drink this: Make yourself a regular Chai latte, obviously.

Bonus: trying to cut down on caffeine? Try our Decaf Vanilla Chai
Like your Chai latte extra spicy? Try our Double Spice Chai
Prefer green tea? Try our Chai Green
Need it caffeine-free? Spice Dragon Red Chai

Flat White

Your beverage style: No fuss, keep it simple but bold.

Drink this: You probably like the smooth and creamy taste of coffee if you order flat whites. Kopili Assam is in a class by itself and has inherent natural flavor and body which can not be replicated anywhere else. It is an excellent afternoon tea and goes well with milk.

A citrus flavored alternative is our Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea will be perfect for you. Add your choice of creamer to make a London Fog.

Sugar-Free Vanilla Soy Latte

Your beverage style: Indulgent and comforting but make it healthy.

Drink this: The best part here is that you can get vanilla flavor without any sugary additions to your tea. Options are endless, but here’s a start: Creme Brulee black tea, Cinnamon Vanilla herbal tea, Breakfast in Paris black tea (not necessarily vanilla-flavored, but we’re still obsessed). 

Iced Coffee Extra Ice

Your beverage style: Give it to you cold. Whatever the flavor may be.

Drink this: We have quite a few teas that are as delicious as iced teas. Two favorites are our Asian Pear Harmony and our White Peach oolong tea.

Now that you know what kind of tea can replace your coffee, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. If you want to try switching from your daily coffee to a daily cup of tea, we’re here to help. Reach out to one of our Tea Professionals or get in touch with us via social media. We can suggest tea options specifically for you, and answer any questions you might come up with!

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