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Bergamot Oil From Calabria

Posted on March 28 2019

Bergamot Oil From Calabria

A timeless blend of fine black teas flavored with bergamot, Earl Grey makes a perfect afternoon tea: bright, refreshing, and bold. To give our Earl Grey teas their uniquely bright flavor, we’re insistent about using only the 100% pure bergamot oil. We source ours straight from the sunlit orchards of Calabria, the region in Southern Italy known for producing the world’s most extraordinary bergamot fruit.

What is bergamot?

Bergamot is a deliciously aromatic citrus fruit, likely a natural hybrid of a sour orange and a lemon or citron, with a sharp, intensely citrus flavor and a sour zing. The fruit is the size of an orange, yet similar in color to a lime, or even yellowish, depending on the ripeness. Bergamots are relatively juicy and low in seeds, but the most popular part of the fruit is the rind, or zest, which is bursting with aromatic oils.

Stash Tea Bergamot Story

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot is one of the only citrus fruits grown solely for its essential oil; the juice is not consumable due to its high acid content. Particularly prized for its fresh, uplifting scent, it has been used in fragrances and flavors for more than one hundred years. The rind’s highly aromatic oil is added to black tea to give Earl Grey its signature taste. There is something about the distinct flavor profile of bergamot that blends perfectly with a bold, full-bodied black tea. The scent of bergamot essential oil is similar to a sweet light orange peel oil with a floral note, and has also been used medicinally as a natural remedy and in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety. 

The origins of the bergamot tree are unknown, however it is only successfully grown in a few places in the world. Bergamot trees grow abundantly in Calabria, the extreme south of Italy, which occupies the toe of the country’s boot-shaped peninsula. It’s a sunbaked region of rugged mountains, picturesque villages, and dramatic coastline, lapped by the splendid turquoise waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas and separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina. Rolling, green foothills are lined with olive and citrus trees. Interestingly enough the bergamot tree cannot grow in Sicily despite its proximity to the region where it thrives.

When in bloom, the bergamot—a small tree reaching four meters in height—is covered with a multitude of fragrant, white flowers. The fruit ripens between December and March, and the essential oil is cold-pressed from the rind of the ripe fruit. It is one of the more expensive citrus essential oils, but for good reason—it takes 200 kilograms of fruit to extract just one kilogram of bergamot essence!

For the bergamot lover, Stash offers several teas flavored with pure bergamot oil.

Stash Tea Bergamot Story

Earl Grey

Our signature blend of curated black teas and pure, citrusy bergamot oil. This balanced, smooth drinking tea is the perfect combination of flavors to delight you any time of day. SHOP LOOSE LEAF | TEA BAG

Double Bergamot Earl Grey

For the Earl Grey lover who wants extra strong, bold bergamot flavor. An extra generous amount of lingering, citrusy bergamot blended with rich black teas for a bold, aromatic cup. SHOP LOOSE LEAF | TEA BAG

Breakfast in Paris

Sipping this unique blend will have you daydreaming of sitting outside a sunny Parisian café. Complex layers of rick black teas, fragrant lavender, citrusy bergamot, and a hint of creamy vanilla create an aromatic cup. SHOP LOOSE LEAF | TEA BAG

Decaf Earl Grey

By infusing bold, naturally decaffeinated black teas from around the world with the distinguished flavor of bergamot oil, we've crafted a perfectly balanced decaf option that's earned a loyal following. SHOP LOOSE LEAF | TEA BAG

Stash Tea Bergamot Story

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