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Tea Recipes

  • Maple Apple Cider Mule Mocktail

    Bold and crisp in flavor, this is a treat you'll want to savor all season long. Prefer cocktails to mocktails? Try adding a shot of vodka to kick things up a notch.

    Total Time: 10 minutes Makes 2 Cups Tea Type  Maple Apple Cider Herbal Tea

    Maple Apple Cider Mule Mocktail

    There’s no better way to celebrate the fall season than with our Maple Apple Cider Mule mocktail. This delicious, “zero-proof” mocktail is made with crowd-favourite Maple Apple Cider tea, maple...

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  • Turmeric Ginger Hot Toddy

    Warm up with this tea-infused version of a hot toddy. This recipe uses our Golden Turmeric Chai herbal tea, which is a flavorful combination of turmeric, ginger, orange peel, and other spices; all perfect for making a spice-forward version of the classic hot toddy cocktail.

    Total Time: 15 minutes Makes 2 Cups Tea Type  Golden Turmeric Chai herbal tea

    Turmeric Ginger Hot Toddy

    While people love hot toddy recipes for coughs and colds, we suggest letting your body rest and heal, without imbibing. If you’re still in the mood for a hot toddy...

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  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Float

    Hurray! Summer’s here, meaning there’s no excuse to not enjoy an ice cream float (or 3, if you’re anything like us). Simply put, an ice cream float is an iced drink topped off with a delicious scoop of ice cream. 

    Total Time: 7 minutes Makes: 2 Cups of Tea Type: Stash Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Black Tea 

    Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Float

    To up the enjoyment ante, you’ll want to incorporate an element of bubbly fizz like a soda to make it even more refreshing. This recipe calls for our Chocolate Hazelnut...

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  • Meyer Lemon Honey Popsicles

    All-natural and lightly sweetened lemony popsicles make for a most refreshing treat.

    Total Time: 2 Hours Makes: 6 Popsicles Tea Type: Stash Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea

    Meyer Lemon Honey Popsicles

    Ingredients 6 tea bags Stash Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea 2½ cups water 3 tbsp honey Directions Heat water to a near boil, then steep tea bags for 5 minutes. Add...

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  • Mango Passionfruit Tea Popsicles

    Mango and passionfruit combine for what might be the ultimate summer flavor. What’s better, this tea is caffeine free, so you can share these popsicles with kids, but only if you are feeling generous.

    Total Time: 2 Hours Makes: 6 Popsicles Tea Type: Stash Mango Passionfruit Herbal Tea

    Mango Passionfruit Tea Popsicles

    Ingredients 6 tea bags Stash Mango Passionfruit Herbal Tea 2½ cups water 2 tbsp sugar Directions: Directions Heat water to a near boil, then steep tea bags for 5 minutes....

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  • London Fogs with a Twist

    Want to level up your London Fog game? We’ve included 3 variations of the classic London Fog below.

    Total Time: 3-5 Minutes Makes: 2 Cups of Tea Tea Type: Stash Earl Grey Tea or Decaf Stash Earl Grey

    London Fogs with a Twist

    The London Fog is a delicious and deceptively simple latte that comprises only 3 ingredients - Earl Grey Tea, vanilla syrup and steamed milk. Choosing a good quality Earl Grey...

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  • Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea Margarita

    Make happy hour even happier when you make this tea-infused margarita recipe.

    Total Time: 5 Minutes Makes: 1 Drink Type: Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Green

    Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea Margarita

    Tea-infused simple syrups are a great way to level up any DIY cocktail. This scratch margarita recipe is not only easy to make, it also packs a flavorful punch with...

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  • Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

    The combination of peppermint, spearmint, and lemongrass notes mixed with your choice of sweetener and milk or milk alternative, comes together to create a drink similar to the mint tea that is sipped daily in Morocco. Cheers! Or as they say in Morocco, Bssaha!

    Total Time: 5 Minutes Makes: 2 Cups of Tea Type: Stash Moroccan Mint tea bags or Stash Moroccan Mint loose leaf

    Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

    Ingredients 4 Stash Moroccan Mint tea bags (For loose leaf use 4g Stash Moroccan Mint loose leaf) 2 cups water 2 tbsp sugar (or your choice sugar substitute to taste)...

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  • Maple Vanilla Decaf Chai Tea Latte

    If you’ve never made your own Chai Tea Latte, this recipe is the perfect one to start with.

    Total Time: 6 Minutes Makes: 1 Cups of Tea Type: Stash Decaf Vanilla Chai

    Maple Vanilla Decaf Chai Tea Latte

    The exquisite blends of quality spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice, along with the bold flavors of black tea, and sweet natural vanilla make up the perfect combination of flavors...

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