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Oregon Mist - London Fog Rendition

Posted on November 02 2022

Oregon Mist - London Fog Rendition

The classic London Fog latte gets a makeover. We have always had a thing for trying new recipes and exploring new flavor combinations. Our recent not-so-guilty pleasure has been exploring different “fog recipes”. Considering that Stash was born in Portland, Oregon, we had a feeling this Oregon Mist latte would be a new favorite. Spoiler: we were right.

Oregon Mist Recipe:

Time to make: 10 minutes

Servings: 2 




  1. Steep Premium Green tea in hot water for 3 minutes to make a green tea concentrate. 
  2. Remove tea bags. 
  3. Froth milk and add on top of the tea.
  4. Mix in amaretto syrup. 

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