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  • Yerba Mate

    About Yerba maté (YER-bah MAH-tay) literally translates to “herb cup”. This highly caffeinated beverage is both refreshing and stimulating. Yerba maté has a unique spicy-sweet flavor that is strongly vegetal,...

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  • About Hibiscus

    History Infused hibiscus is a universal beverage consumed both hot and cold throughout the world. Some refer to it as roselle, a common name for the hibiscus flower. Even the...

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  • Tea Tasting Glossary

    Glossary of Tea Tasting Terms Tea tastings open you up to experiencing and describing your cup of tea in a new way. The complexities of tea are endless; from the...

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  • A Brief History Of Tea

    According to legend, tea originated in ancient China more than 5000 years ago. Emperor Shennong, who was a scientist and patron of the arts, dictated that all drinking water be...

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