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Stash Summer Camp 2020 | Activities for summer | Stash Tea

Stash Summer Camp 2020

Escape the mundane in the comfort of your own home and backyard with these summer camp-inspired activities. We’ve compiled fun projects that will keep you entertained, hydrated (with tea!), and will expand your creativity. Read more

Vintage Sass Mugs | Stash Tea

Vintage Sass Mugs

The only thing we appreciate more than a well-placed pun is some tongue-in-cheek sassiness. These sleek vintage mugs feature a grammatically correct owl, a donkey with a high IQ, and a foxy fox with gold print to drive the pun home. Shop now

Dairy-Free White Peach Pink Drink | Stash Tea

Dairy-Free White Peach Pink Drink Recipe

The Pink Drink, also known as the Strawberry Refresher, is the definition of insta-famous. There are a ton of ways to make a DIY Pink Drink, so you know we had to come up with our own take. Try it now

To us, tea is an opportunity.

To excite the senses.
To surprise your taste buds.
For us, tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy.
It just has to taste good.
Damn good.

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