• Japanese Shincha

    The first harvest of Japanese tea leaves (limited availability)

  • Astrolo-Tea

    Tea for your zodiac sign

  • Loose Leaf

    Think outside the (tea) bag

Chocolate Mint Tea Popsicles

We used one of our very popular teas, Chocolate Mint Oolong, and incorporated other natural ingredients to make a recipe that just might become your proverbial cup of tea, just in popsicle form. 

Fizzy Fruit Soda

Fizz and a fancy straw make this a fun tea soda refreshment both kids and adults will love!

Lemon Earl Grey Affogato

It's a dessert, it's caffeinated, it's a zesty pick-me-up to combat a midday lull! Try our vibrant tea twist on the classic Italian affogato.

To us, tea is an opportunity.

To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. For us, tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy. It just has to taste good. Damn good.

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