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Stash Summer Camp 2020 | Activities for summer | Stash Tea

Stash Summer Camp 2020

Escape the mundane in the comfort of your own home and backyard with these summer camp-inspired activities. We’ve compiled fun projects that will keep you entertained, hydrated (with tea!), and will expand your creativity. Read more

Souk Mint Tea Infuser Mug with Lid | Stash Tea

Souk Mint Infuser Mug with Lid

Enjoy sipping from this adorable matte mint infuser mug that features geometric design inspired by Arabic patterns. The infuser makes brewing easy and the lid not only serves as a coaster but also keeps your tea warm, so you can sip on your schedule—win-win. Shop now

Mix & Match Stash²

Need a win today? Brew yourself a cup of this fudgy mint dessert that is 100% guilt-free. We love to innovate, explore and experience tea to the fullest. Every month, we’ll be sharing a new way to Mix & Match your Stash. Read more

To us, tea is an opportunity.

To excite the senses.
To surprise your taste buds.
For us, tea shouldn’t be “proper” or fancy.
It just has to taste good.
Damn good.

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  • Berry Moroccan Mint Julep

    You’d be hard-pressed to find mint julep recipes created with tea. We decided to change that. Before coming up with ours, we knew two things: first, it had to be...

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  • Double Spice Chai Mini Pancake Cereal

    This viral breakfast cereal has been blowing up on TikTok. But our variation deserves its own 15 minutes of fame. We combine cinnamony, sweet chai flavors with adorable mini pancakes,...

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