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Golden Turmeric Chai Herbal Tea



  • Product Description

      Looking for a chai with a twist? You’ve found it. This caffeine-free blend contains plenty of turmeric that brews a beautiful golden color and adds an earthy punch. You’ll also taste spice-forward notes from the cinnamon, ginger, and clove. The ingredients make for a spicy turmeric ginger tea that is soothing and dreamy, yet lively in flavor.

      What is chai tea? Chai is the Indian word for tea, but as they usually drink tea with sugar and milk in India, chai has become synonymous with milk tea. From there, the definition of chai has evolved even further; now we think of chai as a mixture of black teas with milk, sugar, and spices like allspice, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Our Golden Turmeric Chai combines chai spices with turmeric, to make a caffeine-free version that’s pure gold.

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      Cinnamon, ginger root, turmeric, orange peel, cardamom seed, clove

      Steeping Instructions

      3-5 minutes at 190-210 degrees Fahrenheit



      Tea Bag Packaging

      • 18 ct - 18 tea bags in a box
      • Case - six 18 ct boxes
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    • Variant: 18 ct tea bags
    • SKU: 64521

Turmeric Tea Recipes

Turmeric tea lattes have become massively popular, so if the mood strikes, try our version of Turmeric Golden Milk. Feeling even more adventurous? Try any of our other chai tea latte recipes with a turmeric twist by replacing the chai tea that we used with our Golden Turmeric Chai tea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very good !

This tea is delicious! The 1st cup is very turmeric. The second and third cup has more of the chai. The 4th cup is more turmeric again but a light flavor. Its sooooo good!

Katharine H.
5 stars for golden turmeric chai

This has a unique flavor...the spiciness and slight sweetness of chai, plus the earthy, just barely bitter, low notes of turmeric. It's yummy and feels warm and healing. A new favorite.

Laura R.

Everything I ordered is amazing. I absolutely love it

Gretchen S.
Golden Choice

Stash’s Golden Turmeric Chai is phenomenal! The smooth flavor and added spice of cinnamon and ginger will warm you up inside and out!