China Yunnan Black Tea



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      Yunnan is one of the world's finest teas. Our China Yunnan has golden buds and produces a golden liquor with a full-bodied taste and an illusive floral aroma. It is excellent plain or with a splash of milk and is perfect for breakfast.

      Yunnan is an ancient province in southwestern China which borders Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Yunnan leads all other Chinese provinces in black tea production. This cloudy, misty, mountainous province has grown tea for 1700 years. The yun in Yunnan means "cloud" and most tea in Yunnan is grown at elevations of 3000 to 7000 feet. The tea plant itself is often considered a native of Yunnan, as 260 different varieties, some the size of large trees, can be found here.

      Black tea

      Steeping Instructions
      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit


      Country of Origin

      Cups to Grams

      • 8 grams makes 3-4 cups
      • 25 grams makes 10-15 cups
      • 50 grams makes 20-25 cups
      • 100 grams makes 45-50 cups
      • 1 pound loose makes 180-200 cups
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    • Variant: 100 g loose
    • SKU: 113240

*Staff Pick*

"The tea I have chosen is the China Yunnan. It's smooth, bold and a little malty. It is very reminiscent of the tea my mom and I drank when I was younger while we watched our favorite TV show. Depending on my mood I drink this tea with cream and sugar or on it's own." - Krysten P. (Sales Associate) 

Customer Reviews

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was very surprised and impressed with the China Yunnan black tea it is very smooth and tasty ,I've already placed another order to try some more teas and fixing to get another

Your Daily Cup

I have been trying two teas from the Yunnan province of China as candidates for a go-to daily cup of breakfast tea. I see China Yunnan Black tea as a steady, dependable winner for daily consumption. It has a distinctive smoky aroma and taste without being overpowering. It is inexpensive as compared to the other tea from Yunnan that I have tried. Golden Monkey black tea is a delight with a similar but stronger aroma and taste than China Yunnan. Don’t tell anyone, but I have on occasion mixed the two half and half for a special treat.

Just fine

The tea is excellent and the service is good

A cross betwn Ceylon mixed with a tinge of Assam

Very smooth black tea, w or w/o sugar. Info says "malty," but for me, it's not that overpowering like Assam. The balance of sweetness is perfect. For interest, I did 200 deg, 4min. Wish this was organic!

Best black tea on earth

My one and only black tea none other will do


I have drunk many a cup of the Yunnan and it is consistent from batch to batch, the Keemun is another favorite.