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Exactly what I needed

This is a handy little whisk for frothing up my matcha tea and is making the experience more fun and enjoyable.

My Everyday Go-to

Really great, quality peppermint tea for a very reasonable price. I drink this multiple times everyday especially now that I am trying to cut back on caffeinated beverages. Perfect balance of that minty kick to wake you up without being overpowering.

The GOAT in tea!!!

Tea's that I have never heard of taste absolutely amazing!!! The teas are great, the people are better!!!! I hope they have a tour when I head to Washington....I would love to go on one!!!!

Ann's review

I loved the little red teapots i bought! And the samples wete awesome! Thanks

Winter Horse Sleigh Mug In Gift Box
Winter horse sleigh mug

Love the winter horse sleigh mug . Beautifully made & great for drinking my tasty stash teas.

Great gift and look exactly as pictured

So adorable and well made. I purchased a set for my daughter to use with her tea and couldn't resist buying myself a set which I am using for my watercolor painting. They are very sturdy and packaged in a nice box too.
Also, I want to mention that it was packaged and sent with care.

great tea and fast

I loved the tea. Gave some as a gift and it got here quickly for our get together. And the update notification was funny!! I laughed out loud! Hope you enjoyed the chamange!

Meyer Lemon Butter Cookies

My New Fave!

I needed / wanted to cut out caffeine completely and break my caffeine addiction so I needed to find a replacement tea for my morning Stash Chai tea. I naturally came to Stash to see what else they have to offer. I was blown away by the selection of teas Stash has! I enjoy their website immensely because it's so pleasing looking and it draws me right in. Plus all the wonderful products they have to offer! Anyway, I found the Organic Chocolate Orange Herbal and thought I'd give it a try. When it arrived I was 48 hours into a water fast and I broke my fast with this tea. It was so delicious! It has such a creamy robust flavor that I didn't even need to add honey or milk! I did eventually start adding honey and milk to it and it's so comforting and delicious. I can't imagine being without it now and I don't give chai a second thought!


I have been purchasing your tea for years! I was very disappointed with the quality of the PEACH BLACK TEA I purchased. The peach flavor is very weak, and the black tea flavor is very weak. Will not be purchasing this item from your company in the future.

Thanks for sharing your feedback Karen. We never like hearing that a customer is having trouble with one of our teas. We'd like to get more details from you about this, please email us directly at
Nice winter tea

This tea reminds me of a French tea with caramel notes that I haven't found here. Glad you carry it. I drink it almost every afternoon. Wish you weren't discontinuing...

So disappointed!

I love the white chai. I use one bag of white chai and one bag of black chai combined every morning
and I am so happy.
So disappointed to hear that it is being discontinued.

Please bring back the teabags

I would buy White Christmas at a local store until they no longer carried it. I just visited your website to order more of this delicious tea in TEABAGS, only to find that people have been begging for this flavor in bags for over 2 years. It would probably help all these poor people, some of them with health issues who rely on this delicious tea in bags, to know the actual reason they can no longer buy them in bags. The loose tea option does not seem to be a practical substitute for most of the reviews I’ve read. I’ve ordered from Rishi tea also, and their loose tea is also not the same taste as their bagged tea. I’m officially putting in my request for White Christmas to be offered in teabags again. I’m attaching a picture of it to refresh your memory of it, or at least get your attention. I believe your “sku rationalization” that your upper management has decided upon, while beneficial to your company, it ultimately hurting customer satisfaction and damaging your brand equity. My fear is that no one who makes any decisions ever hears the huge amount of complaints concerning this matter.

Delicious and great quality!!

Love the fresh tasting teas!

A warm and invigorating blend.

I like to try new products when possible, and upon seeing Ginger Fire Chai on the shelf at our local grocery store I thought that it would at least be worth a shot. My expectation was that of a possible cinnamon overdose given the 'fire' in the name, but to my delight and surprise, the combination of chai spices with yerba mate and ginger root was a masterful combination which I now look forward to every day. A warm and invigorating blend to perk you up on a chilly afternoon. In fact, I think I'll enjoy a pot now.
My thanks to Stash Tea for bringing this new favorite of mine to life. Well done.

Love these

I use for making my morning tea bags the night before. I need my caffeine before I can function and add tea to the bags in the AM so this is the perfect solution in the evening for the next day. It is also a nice option for mixing different blends together.

Perfect Size Teapots

I'm not a tea drinker, but my coffee kept getting cold when I made a 16oz cup in my Keurig. Now instead of a 16oz cup, I use the teapot and pour a small amount into my cup as the morning progresses. The teapot keeps the coffee warm for a much longer time. Love the teapots!!

Yunnan Gold Tips Black Tea

Yummy and Smooth

I am not a tea connoisseur. I just love this tea. I drink a lot of plain water throughout the day so I like to have something different at night (or when its really cold), but without the calories. The Licorice Spice tea is perfect. It has a sweet and spicy flavor that requires no need for sugar or milk or whatever else people put in their teas. I recommend giving it a try.

Excellent tea and service

We have been a customer of Stash Tea for a number of years and their selection of tea and service is nothing less than excellent.

Love Love that Peach Tea!!!!

I recently tried your White Peach oolong tea and Peach Black Tea. I
love them both, but think I prefer the Black tea better. Will be coming
back again and again for it. Liking tea as I do, I try all types. Always
start my day and end my day with a good cup. Peach Black is so
very flavorful. Not long to steep and you are enjoying such a bounti-
full cup of goodness. You out there, if peaches are your delight, please
try one or both these tasty teas I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

Stop taking away teabags!

It’s so frustrating, two of my favorites - Ruby Mist and White Christmas. Neither of which are available in bags anymore. Not cool, Stash! I’m a huge advocate for your brand - but so disappointed lately to find old favorites taking a back seat.


All six varieties are fabulous. I got a sample of Asian Pear Green which I will order next. DELICIOUS!


This is such an enjoyable tea. The flavors combine to give a feeling of happiness in a cup. I drink it Year-round.

Stash Jamaican Rum tea

Smooth, relaxing...and wonderful scent!