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Great gift!

I bought this as a gift for my husband. I have the polar bear mug and it's such a nice tea cup. It retains heat nicely and is beautifully made and packaged. These are truly nice gift mugs.


Golden Monkey Black Tea

Sweet Cinnamon

I love this tea! Nice cinnamon flavor with a bit of sweetness.

Slow standard shipping

Good product but free standard shipping must be via wagon train.

First time trying this

But it's great!


White Christmas White Tea


you did awesome!

Earl Grey Black

Absolutely flawless. Stash makes the best Earl Grey in the world.

Hi Randy, we sincerely thank you for the compliment. We take great care to ensure the quality of our product, we're so happy you enjoy it!

This tea is amazing when i feel neasuous this tea helps with that also helps with my anxiety the smell and taste calms me right down

Sad to see it's gone

I received one of these tea bags in a sampler from a friend, I saved the wrapper meaning to buy more and now discover it's been discontinued. Very sad, it was delicious!

Earl Grey on Steroids

I'm a tea snob, and think that a lot of what passes as tea tastes like boiled dishwater. Not so with Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea. The promise of flavor contained in first whiff of fragrance you smell as you open the packet is solidly delivered when you cradle your warm mug and take your first sip. Ok. I admit it -- I am totally hooked on this tea. And what a pleasant vice to have!

Hi Marie, We appreciate the compliment and are glad that our tea lives up to your expectations! All the best, Stash Tea Customer Service Team
Excellent chamomile tea

With its subtle mix of mint and and lotus, Slash chamomile tea is my favorite concoction at night, as it is at once tasty and relaxing. Add a spoonful of honey or cane sugar, listen to soft music, ditto the drink if needed, and go to sleep with a restful mind.


Best tea ever


Tried all the green teas this one is consistently the best.

Hi C Ogden, we sincerely thank you for the compliment. We take great care to ensure the quality of our teas, we're so happy you enjoy it!
Clean and delicious!

I love my new Espro Tea Press. It does a fantastic job of filtering. Not one speck of leaf left in it! Glad I chose it and will get lots of use.


Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea

Great quality - great tea

Love this brewing mug. Easy cleaning, fits your hand comfortably and the tea stays warm until it's gone.

My daily brew.

I love this tea, the citrus adds a brightness.

Great tasting treat

Love these wafers. Great flavor, plenty in tin to share, will order again. Bought on a whim to try and everyone in the family liked them a lot. Good with ☕️ tea!

awesome honey

very good creamy reminded me of honey butter can taste the blackberry which was important to me!

Lemon Ginger... The Best!

Terrific Lively Taste... without caffeine!

Fast Shipping on this Delicious Tea

Ordering was a breeze and shipping was fast on my favorite tea!

Organic Honeybush Herbal Tea

This is my favorite Stash tea. Been using it for years now. I just love the taste. Anybody that tries it would probably like it. Give it a try, it won't let you down.


Wonderful tea ,and good delivery service.

Tea for dessert?

The lovely Vanilla Honeybush herbal tea is something like a dessert. Mildly sweet and smooth, it is enjoyable any time of day, and often for me it curbs the yen for a calorie-laden treat.