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Love stash tea

It is amazing !!!!!

Awesome tea -- but I miss the four bags for the price of three offers and the old packaging

I've loved this tea forever. Once you've tasted this tea in loose leaf form, it's almost impossible to go back to less pricey breakfast tea options. The down sides: all of the loose leaf teas do seem to have gotten quite pricey over the years -- and I worry about the way the present packaging impacts the environment. I wish there was a way I could buy a pound at a time in a more socially responsible package.

Pumpkin Spice Decaf Black Tea

10 ct Holiday Tea Mini Sampler

Bring this back please!!!

This is my favorite, go to, tea. I can only say good things about it. I would have ordered more if I knew it was going to be discontinued. Please bring it back from being discontinued!!!

Heavenly sleep

I love Chamomile nights! I found it at Fred Myer's in Vancouver, WA when I lived there and fell in love with it. It taste great and it calms me and helps me fall asleep. I always stock up when I purchase some online.

Delicious cookies!

I love these cookies! Crispy & really yummy. Wonderful with a cup of tea/

Teapot infusers

I ordered both the 2 cup and 6 cup teapot infusers. They fit my teapots perfectly and are good quality for a reasonable price. They came with sample teabags, so now I'm hooked on Christmas in Paris tea for the holiday season. And the best parts of the whole transaction were the emails confirming my order and shipping of the package. Although one doesn't normally need a clipper ship to get the 10 miles from the Stash Store to my home, I loved reading that's how it was being shipped! Best emails ever!

Licorice Spice Herbal Tea


This is our favorite tea ever! We bought the loose tea in bulk, but now almost gone. Please bring back Wintermint Herbal Tea in the individual tea bags which is so much easier to use. Many many are disappointed it is gone.
Please please.

Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine Tea

Top Notch

Great job. Just what I ordered and very fast!

Caravan Black Tea
A Grand Tea

First, I like a strong tea. Caravan hits the spot. It is just strong enough to get through that afternoon tired but not so strong that one is wired for sound. Especially enjoyable on a cold afternoon. . Caravan is a great change from the commercially available tea's here in west TX and probably your neighborhood. If you like a strong tea with a slightly sweet aftertaste give Caravan a try, you won't be disappointed.


I bought this tea a while back and loved it. When I got a little low on teabags I went on the site to order it again but when I read the reviews I was a little hesitant. I talked to one of the Stash staff and she assured me that it was the same tea just a different package. I took her advice and along with my 1 lb of Kopili and 1lb of Tiger Hill I ordered 120 bags of Christmas Morning. I was not disappointed. It is absolutely delicious. Just like I remember it. If you have a concern my advice would be to talk to one of the staff at Stash. They know what they are talking about. Now I am going to put the kettle on for a great cup of Stash Chai.

By far my favorite Stash Christmas Tea. Was so sad that it has been discontinued in bags....hoping to see it back on the shelves next it!

Bring it back!!!!

Every holiday season I look forward to the seasonal flavors of things. Stash's Merrymint tea is literally the best holiday tea. I still bought Christmas Eve and Christmas in Paris but pleaseeeee bring back MerryMint. Its my absolute favorite tea ever!!

Super good!

I love the way the flavors come together in this blend. It is not weak but it is not overpowering either. It's just right for my palate.

Stash Earl Grey Black Tea

Stash has the best tasting Earl Grey Tea I have ever had. It now is the only Earl Grey I will purchase.

Amazing tea

This is one of the best tea I have ever had!! Hands down, I’m obsessed with it and requested it for Xmas and my bday as a gift. I wish this tea was available in stores here in Phoenix.

Always amazing

The Double Spice Chai is always brilliant; I hope it is NEVER removed from the catalogue

Love this chai!!

Stash tea's are the best....

I just love the quality of the products... also they ship them quickly. Just loved the gift set.... my favorite tea is christmas in paris.... but the others i good teas aswell...

Very happy with the team I have ordered and delivery is timely. Thank you

Tea pot

Just as it looked on line. Packed very well. Quick service

Six-Flavor Black Teas Gift Box