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Quick and easy, good quality tea in large quantity that is appreciated

life changing tea

I collect teas of all kinds from all over in loose leaf, bags, etc. This is always my favorite. Just drinking it reminds me of going back to my childhood and experiencing the wonder of Christmas as a kid. It is so good with or without creamer, with or without sweetener, or anything else. The layers of chocolate and mint are already so good but the addition of lavender makes it all the better. Lavender makes everything better. Whoever made this tea has changed my life forever and deserves a nobel peace prize, thank you for your contribution to society. I wish I could live off of this tea for the rest of my life but alas it is so hard to find.

The best

This is by far the best Morrocan mint tea I have ever tasted. This and Stash Premium green are my two favorite teas.

My absolute favorite. Love the flavor

Decaf Chocolate

The BEST chocolate decaf tea EVER - you will LOVE it!!!!!

I love Stash Tea Super Irish Breakfast Tea!!! Drink it every day!!

I love this tea and it arrives on time!!

Very good!

Staves off sugar craving

This is the first tea that actually tastes like chocolate ! I love it. I crave cookies, cakes & other sugary treats but having a cup of this seems to ward off those dangerous urges. Perhaps it will help you that way too.

Best Tea ever!

Tried this tea at my brother’s house in Florida. I loved it iced.
My husband gave me 100 tea bags for Christmas, I love it hot!
I just bought another 100!,

Best green tea ever

So glad I found this one. This is the best green tea ever!


I first tasted this at my father-in-law's house. The word "refreshing" on the box definitely describes this tea. I was bowled over by the taste. If you like peppermint in your tea, this is the best one out there.

Stash tea is the only Chai tea I will drink. I love all their varieties of Chai. I'm a customer for life!!

Earl Grey


Round Mini Tea Tong
Laura T.
great tea

We are big fans of Stash Tea! We reorder our beloved stand-by teas and enjoy trying new flavors.
While we use loose leaf at home, when camping we take bags.
Am looking forward to using this little tea tong during our first outing in April.

Price & Kensington 2 Cup Teapot Infuser
John K.
Really terrific set

I got this teapot and filter set sort of as an impulse and the whole package works really well...these fit perfectly, are the right size for making tea (the leaves etc can expand), wash well, and are very reasonably priced. Highly recommended - excellent quality and functionality.

The best tea!!

From the first taste of this pumpkin spice tea I was hooked! The flavor was warm and inviting and calls for lounging on the couch just relaxing ☺️❤️

How did I forget???

I used to buy teas from Stash MANY years ago, but life got busy & I just forgot to order more. I started drinking tea again & thank goodness I remembered where I used to order the delicious teas!!! I absolutely LOVE Chai tea, so choosing this kind was a no brainer!!! Just as the others I had tasted & loved long ago, this one was no exception to the rule as far as deliciousness! All of the spices in this one were perfection! There was the tea I had loved & longed for! Thank you for going above & beyond with my tea expectations! Fast shipping, great service, exceptional taste-no complaints!!! Thank you!!!

My favorite spicy Chai

Great flavor! Love it so much that I buy in bulk!

lovely tea

I was looking to expand my decaf options and this fit the bill. I like it with almond milk but it is good plain as well. I'll be ordering more!

My all-time favorite tea

My partner and I both love this tea for its slightly sweet gingery-orange flavor with a slight peppery taste. I use a larger 10oz cup for my tea so I steep it for 4 minutes and add almost a teaspoon of sugar. It goes great with fruit filled muffins or Danish too. I have been drinking this hot tea every morning of the year for nearly a decade, even during our blazing hot summers. I also believe the ginger in it helps soothe my sensitive stomach. I buy it in bulk (tea bags) so I never run out.

Omg it’s so good

I LOVE this tea. It’s so cozy and sweet any time of year. I drink it at night with a little liquid vanilla coffee creamer in it.


I chose this flavor of Stash tea at church recently. It tasted like chocolate! I was quite impressed! I'm going to buy some.

Refreshing peppermint

Outstanding taste, not overwhelming

Van Gogh Almond Blossom Infuser Mug with Lid in Gift Box

Love it