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      Good during breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dinner. Yes, it’s a breakfast tea, but this is an ideal tea for any time you need a lift. We get why people would want to wake up to this robust blend of black teas (caffeine), but why limit English Breakfast tea to the morning only? We know you would never let the “norm” dictate what you do. You little rebel.

      You know what else? English Breakfast tea with milk is a straight-up delight. There are so many ways to dress up this tea, but we’re firm believers that it’s good straight too. Do you know why it tastes so good? It has to be the blend of black teas that combine to make the bold, brisk flavorful tea that has become one of the most famous blended teas in the world.

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      Blended black teas

      Steeping Instructions

      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit



        Tea Bag Packaging

        • 20 ct - 20 tea bags in a box
        • Case - six 20 ct boxes
        • 30 ct - 30 tea bags in a box
        • Case - six 30 ct boxes
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      • Variant: 20 ct tea bags
      • SKU: 64508

    Why is English Breakfast tea called that?

    If you’re like us you’ve probably wondered why this tea is called “English” Breakfast tea… If you’re not like us, you can still read on for a mini-history lesson.

    Some claim that the breakfast tea combination was developed in Edinburgh by Scottish Tea Master Robert Drysdale. When Queen Victoria visited him and tried it, she loved it so much she brought it back to England. Because of her love for it, and because of people’s love for royalty, the breakfast tea grew in popularity. It was subsequently renamed English Breakfast.

    That’s one version of the story.

    Another version claims that this blend originated in America, as far back as the Colonial Era. This version says that the English colonials suffered from homesickness, and dubbed the blend of black tea that was already enjoyed in Britain as “English Breakfast.” Hashtag nostalgia.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 85 reviews
    Stephen L.

    Stash English Breakfast is my favorite hot tea. Since I have three or more cups each day, I purchase in quantity a few times a year.

    Jane m.L.

    It’s so very fresh. A great way to start your day! It’s rich and lovely.

    I love Stash English Breakfast Tea

    Other English Breakfast Teas, many of which I have tried over the years, have a flavor I don’t care for. Can’t really explain it, but Stash for me is the best.

    Andrea P.
    English Breakfast

    A really well balanced flavour. Stash has the best straight up black tea blend.

    Susan G.
    My Favorite Tea

    I've ordered this tea for years now and have the entire family hooked.

    Jane M.
    A Nice Cuppa

    Stash English Breakfast is rich and hearty, not bitter. Stands up to milk, but is delicious without it, too. It has been my everyday tea for decades.