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  • Product Description

      We've created a decaffeinated version of our popular Earl Grey that has all the rich flavor with less than 6 mg of caffeine per cup (compared with 40 mg for our regular Earl Grey and 90 mg in a cup of coffee). Stash Decaf Earl Grey is made with naturally decaffeinated black teas using a completely natural European process which removes 99.5% of the caffeine but retains all the flavor, color and aroma of the tea.

      Earl Grey is a black tea flavored with bergamot, a pear-shaped Mediterranean citrus fruit about the size of an orange. Our Decaf Earl Grey is a versatile tea, at its best in the afternoon or after dinner. It brews a beautiful amber cup with a distinctive flavor and lightly fragrant aroma. Delicious plain, this tea may also be served with sugar and milk. Plus it makes a wonderful, refreshing iced tea.

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      Naturally decaffeinated blended black teas, bergamot oil

      Steeping Instructions
      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit

      The decaffeination process does not remove all caffeine. Decaf teas contain 4 mg or less of caffeine per cup.

        Tea Bag Packaging

        • 18 ct - 18 tea bags in a box
        • Case - six 18 ct boxes
        • 30 ct - 30 tea bags in a box
        • Case - six 30 ct boxes

    • Product Details

      • Variant: 18 ct tea bags
      • SKU: 64577

    We are excited to be transitioning to our beautiful 18/20 count boxes. Over the next few months you will start to see our teas transition over and the generic 30 count boxes will no longer be offered*. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this packaging change. Rest assured, the size you ordered will be what you receive.

    *The following flavors will still be available in the printed 30 counts boxes: Premium Green, Moroccan Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry, Wild Raspberry, Lemon Ginger, Chai Spice, Decaf Premium Green, Fusion White & Green, Chamomile, Peppermint, Jasmine Blossom, Orange Spice, Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Best tea!

    Still my favorite after 5 decades of being a tea drinker. Exquisite flavor and aroma.

    Pastor D.P.

    I gave up caffeine several years ago - and earl grey was my favorite - went through gallons of it. This has been a great blessing to me! Thanks!!

    Decaf Earl Grey with bold flavor

    Even though it is decaf, it maintains its bold flavor. For the occasional black tea drink, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

    Jeanette W.
    Flavorful Decaf Earl Grey

    This tea is consistently the most flavorful decaf Earl Grey I have found.

    CATHY T.

    My favorite night time tea. Great flavor, almost as good as Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea which I drink all day long. Been a Stash fan for years. Quality tea all the time.

    Susan H.

    Earl Grey Decaf Black Tea