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      Stash's Organic Chamomile brews a beautiful golden cup with a delicate, classic apple-like flavor and fragrance. It is a soothing drink that is good anytime of the day, but especially relaxing in the evening.

      The word chamomile is derived from the Greek chamos (ground) and melos (apple), referring to its low-growing habit and its apple-scented blooms. Its daisy-like flowers reminded the ancient Egyptians of the sun, who called it "herb of the sun".

      Tip: When brewing Organic Chamomile be sure to add a little extra to your infuser as it is very fluffy and light. Remember to never fill an infuser more then 1/2 full as chamomile need room to infuse properly.

      Stash Tea is certified organic by Quality Assurance International. QAI is a professional organic certification service that is internationally recognized. QAI's program is designed to certify every step of the organic chain - from the land on which the product is grown, to the growers, to the post harvest facilities and the final processing and handling facilities. Such diligence provides assurance that the end product is indeed organic and that it complies with state, provincial, national and international organic standards. Products which carry the QAI certification seal convey the confidence of an unbroken "chain of custody" that all materials and processes have been individually certified as organic. Our Organic Chamomile is certified by the renowned Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture.

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      Organic chamomile

      Steeping Instructions
      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit


      Country of Origin

      Cups to Grams

      • 50 grams makes 20-25 cups
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      • Variant: 50 g loose
      • SKU: 111231

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    Absolutely love the quality of this chamomile tea! Will definitely order again.

    Melissa D.
    The Best Yet

    I’m a longime fan of chamomile loose tea and I haven’t found a more fragrant and flavorful version than yours. Stash, you make my nights complete!

    Chuck C.
    Chamomile tea

    Great product and great service!!!!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
    Thank you:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsdown::thumbsup: