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Wild Raspberry Herbal Iced Tea



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      Start the coolest party...in your mouth. While you’re sipping this iced herbal tea, raspberry is poppin’ off in the cup, being wild. Then you’ll notice hibiscus comin’ through, and that’s when the party really turns up. Combine those two flavors with a hint of lemongrass and some licorice root to sweeten things up just slightly. So if you want to be the life of the party yourself, just brew up a pitcher of this bold raspberry iced tea.


      Hibiscus, lemongrass, rosehips, orange peel, licorice root, natural raspberry flavor




      • 8 ct - 1 bag makes 1 quart; 8 bags per box
      • 24 ct - 1 bag makes 1 gallon; 24 bags per box
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      • Variant: 8 count brew bags
      • SKU: 086461

    How to Make Iced Tea

    1 qt brew bag makes 4 servings of 8 oz

    1. Boil 2 cups filtered water.
    2. Pour boiling water over a brew bag.
    3. Steep for 4 minutes.
    4. Remove the tea bag and add the brew concentrate to 2 cups cold water.
    5. Serve over ice.

    1 gal brew bag makes 16 servings of 8 oz

    For gallon-sized brew bags, just follow the above steps but boil 8 cups of filtered water, then add 8 cups of cold water to the brewed concentrate. Simple, fast, and fun!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Sharon K.S.
    With stevia best tea ever.

    friends love it at the pool.

    Raspberry Tea

    A little too fruity for me.

    Deborah C.
    Loving the Raspberry Herbal ice tea

    I just received the raspberry herbal ice tea . It is really delish!! I drink ice tea all day long . Love the fact that is decaf. Now the raspberry and peach are my favorites

    Rosalie W.

    Has a wonderful raspberry flavor.

    Patricia R.
    All Stash Teas

    All Stash Teas

    Pleasant flavor - excellent base for pomegranate juice.

    I enjoy the tea, but as another reviewer said it is rather weak in flavor. It is reminescent of the strength of flavor used in hint. I rather wish that the lemongrass and licorice root components shown through a little more, but perhaps it has broader appeal as is.
    While it is good on its own, I find it to be a wonderful base for drinking pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice on its own is much too strong in flavor.
    4 parts stash wild raspberry to 1 part pomegranate juice makes a wonderful beverage.
    Even my father has converted to that mix for obtaining the benefits of pomegranate