White Christmas White Tea



  • Product Description

      This seasonal item is currently on vacation and unavailable for purchase. Not to worry! It’ll be back next fall.

      You’ll be dreaming of sleigh rides while you enjoy an enchanting cup of this holiday infusion. Handcrafted in small batches, we’ve blended white tea with refreshing Pacific Northwest peppermint and ginger root for subtle sweet note. Good with an added touch of sweetener.

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      If you're used to the convenience of teabags we recommend these filter bags that make brewing loose leaf tea just as simple! Like regular teabags, these filter bags come with a handy string. Fill them with your favorite tea and enjoy! 

      Or, for a limited time, shop our White Christmas White Tea in tea bags

      White tea, peppermint, ginger root

      Steeping Instructions
      1-2 minutes at 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit


      Cups to Grams

      • 100 grams makes 45-50 cups
    • Product Details

      • Variant: 100 g loose
      • SKU: 193176

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 156 reviews
    My absolute favorite!!

    I was so bummed when I didnt see the White Christmas as a pre-bagged option. But its my favorite tea. I was happy to see just how much you get with the loose leaf option though. So well worth it.

    We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying our White Christmas tea, we wish you happy sipping!
    Unhappy 😞

    Very disappointing that this tea is not available in tea. Bags.

    Leida, we're so sorry to disappoint you! We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for a very exciting announcement later this year!
    Please bring back the teabags

    I would buy White Christmas at a local store until they no longer carried it. I just visited your website to order more of this delicious tea in TEABAGS, only to find that people have been begging for this flavor in bags for over 2 years. It would probably help all these poor people, some of them with health issues who rely on this delicious tea in bags, to know the actual reason they can no longer buy them in bags. The loose tea option does not seem to be a practical substitute for most of the reviews I’ve read. I’ve ordered from Rishi tea also, and their loose tea is also not the same taste as their bagged tea. I’m officially putting in my request for White Christmas to be offered in teabags again. I’m attaching a picture of it to refresh your memory of it, or at least get your attention. I believe your “sku rationalization” that your upper management has decided upon, while beneficial to your company, it ultimately hurting customer satisfaction and damaging your brand equity. My fear is that no one who makes any decisions ever hears the huge amount of complaints concerning this matter.

    Stop taking away teabags!

    It’s so frustrating, two of my favorites - Ruby Mist and White Christmas. Neither of which are available in bags anymore. Not cool, Stash! I’m a huge advocate for your brand - but so disappointed lately to find old favorites taking a back seat.

    Please bring back the bags!

    Love this flavor and since it is white tea it helps with inflation . The convenience of bags sure would be appreciated .

    Please bring back in bags!

    I love this tea and have been buying it for years in bags. I'm going to try the loose tea, but I prefer the usability of the bags. PLEASE bring them back!