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  • Product Description

      The Beatles got it wrong. All you need is peppermint. That’s literally the only thing we put in this tea. That’s how we created the best possible peppermint herbal tea! By using only the best peppermint.

      Stash Tea became the first adopters of Pacific Northwest peppermint when we discovered that the peppermint grown right here in our backyard was the world’s finest. Now, over 40 years later, this simple ingredient still makes our peppermint tea one of the best herbal teas out there.

      So fresh and so minty! Our peppermint herbal tea is bright, tingling, light, and yet boldly flavored. We promise, you can drink this tea anytime you feel like it, but it’s particularly great after meals (especially if you took ‘treat yo’self’ a little too far). Or maybe you want to get fancy with it, you can use it to create a peppermint tea latte. If you’re wondering how to make peppermint tea yourself, you really don’t need to worry about it. Keep It Simple Smarty-pants. These teabags that we have so conveniently put into our compostable tea bags take the difficulTEA out of making peppermint tea.

      Read about our Pacific Northwest Mint.

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      Steeping Instructions

      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit



      Country of Origin


        Tea Bag Packaging

        • 20 ct - 20 tea bags in a box
        • Case - six 20 ct boxes
        • 30 ct - 30 tea bags in a box
        • Case - six 30 ct boxes

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      • Variant: 20 ct tea bags
      • SKU: 64502

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Happy Tummy!

    My go to tea when I have an upset tummy and need something soothing. Smells wonderful ❤️

    Ahhhh! Perfect

    This is the full flavor I want in an evening tea. Lovely.

    Stash is the only tea I ever buy, it stays fresh for years!

    Wonderful tea I still have some from over ten years ago. They package their tea so well, there is no other company better. I love the Peppermint tea, it is great for an upset stomach.

    Yvonne L.
    Peppermint tea!

    This is the most delicious and most aromatic tea on the market! I have tried 4-5 other brands when I couldn’t find this in the grocery - they didn’t come close. I also love this for its purity - if you google safest teas, this one is top-rated !
    Another great flavor is the lemon-ginger! Other brands didn’t come close to getting this right- had to throw out many I had just bought!

    Kathleen C.

    Best peppermint on the market

    Holly C.
    My Everyday Go-to

    Really great, quality peppermint tea for a very reasonable price. I drink this multiple times everyday especially now that I am trying to cut back on caffeinated beverages. Perfect balance of that minty kick to wake you up without being overpowering.