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Japanese Shincha Green Tea 2019


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      Our limited edition 2019 Japanese Shincha has arrived!

      Shincha is the year's first harvest of Japanese sencha green tea (shin means "new", and cha means "tea"). It is extremely fresh and has a rich, concentrated flavor you will not find in any subsequent harvests. The beautiful, bright green leaves produce a tea with a smooth, silky taste—fresh, bright, and satisfying.

      Our 2019 Shincha hails from the Kagoshima region, where it was harvested in the middle of April. The leaves were gathered from several farms in Kagoshima, primarily from the Chiran (知覧) and Makurazaki (枕崎) area.

      Harvest begins from southern Japan and moves further north as the seasons change, finishing in Kyoto at the end of May. The harvest timeline follows as such:

      • End of March: Tanagashima Island in Kagoshima
      • April: Kagoshima prefecture
      • End of April to middle of May: Shizuoka prefecture
      • May: Kyoto
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    • Variant: 50 g loose
    • SKU: 112854
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How to Brew

To brew Shincha in the traditional Japanese method, bring fresh water to a boil and let it cool for approximately one minute. Pre-heat your small teapot by swirling a bit of the hot water inside and then emptying it. Measure the Shincha into the teapot, using one gram of tea for every 6 ounces. Add the hot water to the leaves and let them steep for no more than three minutes. Pour into small cups and sip slowly.

Each package makes around 50 small cups. We were lucky to get a hold of a very small supply of this highly sought after and coveted tea; once it's gone, there won't be more until next year's spring harvest!

Green tea

Steeping Instructions
1-3 minutes at 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit


Cups to Grams

  • 50 grams makes 20-25 cups

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Japanese shincha green tea

It’s delicious!!!


Japanese Shincha Green Tea 2019