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Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Black Tea



  • Product Description

      Did you know that chocolate is actually known as the other Vitamin C? Kidding. But it is known to make people feel good...and that’s exactly what this tea does.

      Let us walk you through what it’s like to sip on a cup of Stash Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut: you’ll experience a sweet, smooth, and rich beverage. As you satisfy your sweet tooth with this sugar-free chocolate tea, you’ll notice natural flavors of hazelnut and, obviously, chocolate with hints of vanilla. The flavor notes are combined with naturally decaffeinated black tea leaves, which means you’ll be able to enjoy this decaf tea any time of day.

      Looking to make this already sweet and tasty dessert tea even more decadent? Just add some milk and sweetener. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself without seeing your goals boil over.

      (P.S. You can still enjoy this tea even if you’re allergic to nuts. Our facilities are 100% nut-free.)

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      Decaffeinated black tea, natural chocolate flavor, natural hazelnut flavor, vanilla extract

      Steeping Instructions

      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit


      The decaffeination process does not remove all caffeine. Decaf teas contain 4 mg or less of caffeine per cup.

      Tea Bag Packaging

      • 18 ct - 18 tea bags in a box
      • Case - six 18 ct boxes
  • Product Details

    • Variant: 18 ct tea bags
    • SKU: 64543

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Edwina C.

This tea has all the chocolate hazelnut goodness I was hoping for in a tea. It was a bonus that it was available in decaf.

Lisa U.
Excellent flavor

Wonderful aroma followed by fabulous flavor. Thought I was drinking a jar of Nutella. Very authentic flavor. Tends to satisfy my taste for chocolate without the calories or caffeine.

Sharon O.
Great for cold winter nights

This is one of my favorite teas to have when it is cold. I can drink it while watching TV at night and it is blowing or snowing. It tastes great and I love the aroma.

Alice J.

I love this tea!

I have my tea completely black, completely unsweetened. I cannot have any sweeteners or their substitutes due to medical issues. I miss hot chocolate and I miss mochas, and I was very surprised that this tea tasted so chocolate-y and creamy! I have a big sweet tooth, and this tea tasted to me like it had been sweetened with milk and/or sugar, but it really has NOT. It's very gentle on my sensitive system and has no lactose, glucose, or sweetener.

The way I brew this tea is add 2 teabags to a 360ml capacity mug. I use boiling water with a splash of refrigerated bottled water. I brew it for 4.5 minutes in the mug. This is what works for me to make the perfect cup of tea. No bitterness at all. Very smooth.

I'd recommend to anyone who loves tea, and it's especially great for those of us with a sweet tooth looking for sufficient alternatives to sweetened teas.

Joyce A.
A Favorite

Love this tea so much. Sit back, relax and enjoy an escape with my beloved chocolate hazelnut decaf tea. You won't be disappointed.

Stacey M.
The best tea ever

Found this in Cabo. Been my favorite since
Love it. Brews to an excellent rich taste