Loose Leaf Tea Samples

Loose Leaf Tea Sample

We’re excited to announce free loose leaf samples with every purchase! Our roots started with loose leaf tea and we love sharing the unique experience and ritual with tea drinkers of all kinds. We’ve always sent home a couple of tea bags in each order, but now have an option for you to get a free loose leaf sample if you choose to add one to your cart.

Just click the Add Free Loose Leaf Sample button at checkout and we will do the rest!
Free Loose Leaf Tea Sample
With so many teas to pick from we know that it can be pretty hard to choose. We’ve selected a few staff favorites to help narrow it down. Can’t find a flavor you really want to try? Email us! We love hearing from you and will do our best to help you find the flavor you want before your next purchase. While we can’t guarantee that we’ve got the sample you’re looking for, our team will assist in finding you something new to love.

Choose the right infuser for you. We know loose leaf can seem intimidating when you are first starting out, but with the right tools it’s easy! We can help you get started steeping. Here are some of our favorite infusers.