Fern Trail Oolong Tea

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  • Product Description

      This rare, exquisite rolled oolong from Taiwan is incomparable. Skilled artisanal roasting steps by the tea maker result in flavors that are deep, concentrated, and evolve as you continue to savor each sip. The taste is buttery and complex with sweet notes of honey and dried fruit. Nuances continue to emerge with subsequent steepings, making this an oolong that appeals to both the novice and more refined connoisseur's palate alike.

      Oolong tea

      Country of Origin

      Steeping Instructions
      3-5 minutes at 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit


      Cups to Grams

      • 8 grams makes 3-4 cups
      • 25 grams makes 10-15 cups
      • 50 grams makes 20-25 cups
      • 100 grams makes 45-50 cups
      • 1 pound loose makes 180-200 cups
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    • Variant: 100 g loose - LAST CHANCE
    • SKU: 113349

*Staff Pick*

"Like walking on a beautiful forest trail as the name implies, the inherent complexities of this spectacular oolong take my palate on a journey of captivating moments and surprising nuances. This is a proprietary unique dark oolong from Taiwan. The flavor is deep and concentrated with delicious notes of honey and dried fruits such as dates and raisins. I love the lingering finish, and would encourage subsequent steeps so you can experience how it continues to evolve and flavors blossom. Make sure your water is around 180° so you can extract the lovely flavors. Yum.  I steep it by the cup so that I can enjoy the experience of multiple infusions." – Jhanne J. (R&D and Tea Educator)

Customer Reviews

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Fern Trail Oolong tea

Excellent afternoon pick me up that is also very reasonably priced.

Exquisite indulgence

Over the years we’ve tried all the Stash oolongs. We usually have some magnolia oolong on hand as a crowd pleaser that won’t break the bank. All the others we gradually stopped buying as we found better versions elsewhere (their Ti Kuan Yins are particularly lackluster). Their Fern Trail however is in a category all by itself and was a pleasant surprise when it came out recently. Lots of complexity, and maintains its rich flavor profile under four or five re-steepings. It has a price to match, but rewards the investment.