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      This will certainly get you into the holiday spirit(s)! Even 48 hours with your in-laws can't combat the joyous effects of a delicious mulled drink.

      We have two favorite ways to use this blend: first, you can use these mulling spices for wine. And second is using these mulling spices for cider. Simply add the Mulling Spice to red wine or apple cider over low heat. After a little while, the bold spices and aroma will fill the room with the festive scent of allspice, cinnamon, clove, and star anise.

      Whether you prefer mulled wine or mulled cider, you’ll definitely notice the subtle orange flavors that come forward and blend harmoniously with the spices. Furthermore, if you want to spice up your breakfast, add a few round slices of apple to the mix; you can use them later as a flavorful topping for oatmeal.

      Bonus: bring this as a gift to your next ugly sweater party, and you’re sure to win some points with the hosts.


      100 grams


      Orange peel, cinnamon, allspice, clove, rosehips, clove bud oil, orange oil, star anise, natural cinnamon flavor

      Steeping Instructions

      Use 4 heaping teaspoons Mulling Spice for every gallon of apple cider or red wine. Simmer in a crockpot or on the stove top, using a lid, for at least an hour. Strain the spices and serve. Add apple slices to the pot for a sweeter flavor.



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    • Variant: 100 g loose
    • SKU: 193590

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great for apple cider

Love in apple cider Put in crock pot have bottle of Carmel vodka and shot glass so people can add to their drink tastes like a Carmel apple

Judy J.
Great aroma!

I can put a TBSP in my stock pot and simmer on stove for days...just adding water as needed...also increases humidity in my dry winter home.

Claudia K.
Love this blend!!!

Perfect mulling spice blend for cider.

Nancy T.
Delightful Mulling Spice

I am so happy to give this review. I love this product, Stash Mulling Spice, its just the best blend of spices for Mulled Wine. I have in the past purchased other brands and have made my own, but yours is by far the best blend I have ever had. I order this Mulling Spice early so I know I will have it on hand during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. I also make a nice Mulled Wine in my crock pot, its a hit at a Halloween party. I give Stash Mulling Spice along with a bottle of red wine or a nice organic apple juice to friends as gifts during the holidays. It makes a lovely hostess gift. Everyone has loved it. I think I better put in another order! I always have that little red can on my kitchen shelf...just in case I feel like having a nice cup of hot mulled wine.
Thanks for such a delightful product.
Nancy T.
Maui, Hi

Gail H.
Mulling Spice Gift

Because I have learned to trust "Stash" to satisfy my high standards for quality tea and related products, I felt comfortable enough to purchase their Mulling Spices as a holiday gift for a good friend, even though I haven't actually tasted it myself.
I expect that my friend will be overjoyed by the Mulling Spices. I am pleased to give the "Stash" Mulling Spices to her, because I expect them to create luscious mulled Apple cider that she adores in cold weather.

Nicole G.&.A.
Best Mulling Spices Ever!

I love apple cider, especially mulled cider. I searched for the perfect mulling spice for years before I found this one. It's perfect! It has the right balance of clove, cinnamon, and other spices. I also love that its has a hint of orange flavour to it as well. I add a small amount of nutmeg to mine to give it a little something extra.