Ginger Fire Chai Tea



  • Product Description

      We’re ready to introduce you to a real hot-tea.

      To make this delightfully bold beverage we blended chai spices with ginger root, yerba mate, and a little bit of vanilla. With ginger that builds with each sip, it’s sure to warm you from the inside out. The combination was carefully brewed up to make sure that all of the flavors are balanced while still packing a powerful, karate kick of spice. And being honest here: we couldn’t give ourselves enough high-fives in a lifetime to adequately congratulate ourselves on this tea blend.

      We have a ton of chai tea flavors, but if you’re a fan of the heat, this hot tea will definitely become a favorite.


      Ginger root, yerba mate, cinnamon, natural vanilla flavor, ginger extract powder

      Steeping Instructions

      3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit



      Tea Bag Packaging

      • 18 ct - 18 tea bags in a box
      • Case - six 18 ct boxes
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    • Variant: 18 ct tea bags
    • SKU: 64419

*Staff Pick*

"I love the ginger fire chai because the blend is perfectly balanced with the cinnamon and ginger flavors, not too strong or overpowering. And I love the cinnamon smell, it helps wake me up in the morning." - Brad W. (Director of Accounting)

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

Very good and very flavorful tea.


Thank you for putting a sample of Ginger Fire Chai in my last order. One of the best i have ever tasted. So of course I ordered some. Stash tea is a fantastic brand. And delivery is always fast.

Cravin' my Ginger Fire Chai...

Ginger Fire Chai is at the top of my list to keep Stashed at all times. I'm so happy to have made the choice to try it. Pretty much anytime Ginger is included -- the flavor is captivatingly delicious.

Love the ginger in the morning

This tea has a great aroma and just the right amount of ginger to wake up my mouth on the morning. The spices make it taste great! I sweeten it with honey for a smooth wake-up beverage to get me going for the day, I order as much as will fit in my cupboard so I always have it on hand.

The taste changed?

This used to be one of my favorite teas! It was dark and spicy and great for when I was feeling stuffy. I bought another box recently and it tastes very mild and the artificial vanilla flavoring is pretty strong in comparison with the rest of the flavors. I'm not big on vanilla flavored teas so the taste being mostly vanilla now is really disappointing! I'm not sure if I got a bad/off batch or if something about the mix changed, but I probably won't be picking this one up again.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We never like hearing that a customer is having trouble with one of our teas. We'd like to get more details from you about this, please email us directly at

Great Tea for Cold Weather

If you're like me and enjoy smelling new teas immediately after taking them out of the packet, DON'T do it with this one! I ripped open the packet and held the tea bag right up to my nose...and immediately started sneezing. The burning in my sinuses was reminiscent of the first time I tried wasabi. I could feel the burning sensation travel all the way to the back of my throat and it took several minutes to subside. So, if you're going to smell the tea before steeping, please be sure to hold it AWAY from your face! Learn from my sneezing misery!

As for the flavor, this tea is very good. Cinnamon is definitely the most prevalent flavor and there was a tiny sprinkling of that classic Chai black pepper flavor/heat. The ginger was there, but a little overshadowed by the cinnamon. I highly recommend saving this for cold weather or when you have a cold or allergies (maybe that would be the time for a close sniff test!)