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Magnolia Oolong Tea



  • Product Description

      Fragrant magnolia blossoms richly scent this smooth oolong. Its lovely, large leaves are hand-rolled. Jasmine tea lovers will find this tea appealing. Known in China as Lan Hua Oolong, this tea may be infused multiple times to reveal subtle differences. Very pale in the cup. Grown in Fujian Province.

      Oolong tea, magnolia

      Steeping Instructions
      1-3 minutes at 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit


      Country of Origin

      Cups to Grams

      • 8 grams makes 3-4 cups
      • 25 grams makes 10-15 cups
      • 50 grams makes 20-25 cups
      • 100 grams makes 45-50 cups
      • 1 pound loose makes 180-200 cups
  • Product Details

    • Variant: 100 g loose
    • SKU: 113110

*Staff Pick*

"Oolongs are one of my favorite teas and what really got me into drinking tea. I specifically like the Magnolia Oolong because magnolia is one of my favorite floral flavors. I usually drink this like most oolongs and do multiple brews as each brew has a different flavor." – Corissa D. (Sales Support Associate)

"This tea is both fragrant and soothing--enjoyable in both the morning and evening, and a tea that I insistently gravitate towards. I love watching the rolled leaves expand as they steep, and that you can re-use the leaves multiple times to get a slightly different tasting cup each time." – Kai R. (Retail Store Manager)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

It's just an all around amazing tea

Rose H.W.
Different and a nice change

not quite as strong of an oolong flavor, but different and a nice change from the flavors I drink

Jude D.
Delicious tea.

I’m a big fan of jasmine tea and the description for this tea mentioned that jasmine drinkers would enjoy it. I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. Floral, but with a distinctive flavor that is pleasant and light. Great morning tea.

Cherilyn F.
Beautiful canister

The canister is part of a set I have purchased previously and is beautiful, also fits a package of loose tea perfectly. The Magnolia Oolong tea is absolutely wonderful. I am a sucker for the Magnolia, Jasmine and Oolong teas in general and this tea did not disappoint (but then no tea from Stash has yet).


This tea is absolutely lovely. The oolong is quite nice and it has a delicate sweet floral taste from the magnolia. It is much more delicate than the jasmine pearls but the flavor build as you drink the cup. Even though the second steep smells much lighter it’s still able to build with the flavor from the first cup. While with jasmine you tase what you smell, with the magnolia it’s as if you smell what you taste! This has quickly become a favorite.

Nate R.
Good Tea, Great Quality

I enjoy this flavor. I like the jasmine taste, and I think it makes a very smooth cup. Not my favorite, so I didn't give it 5 stars, but it is certainly worth 5 stars if you do love this flavor.