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Chocolate Dandelion Detox Pu-erh Tea



  • Product Description

      Gently support routine natural detoxification with this harmonious and revitalizing blend of herbs and botanicals. We've combined the flavors of chocolate and sweet orange for a decadent and tasty cup. 

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      Steeping Instructions

      3-5 minutes at 190° - 210°F using 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea.

      Contains Caffeine

      Cups to Grams

      100 grams makes 20-25 cups

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    • Variant: 100 g loose
    • SKU: 193117


Dandelion root, pu-erh, orange peel, mulberry leaf, chocolate natural flavor, chicory root, moringa, tulsi, orange oil

What's in your cup? Here's a peek behind some of the select ingredients in this blend.

Dandelion Root

A tasty cleansing herb, dandelion root has been used for centuries in ancient healing practices and remains a commonly used health remedy to aid in detoxification, relieve digestive stress, and support healthy metabolic balance. Traditionally, dandelion root is roasted and steeped, but the flowers, leaves and stems are often consumed in their natural state.


Pu-erh originates from Yunnan Province of southwestern China, often considered the birthplace of tea. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its cleansing properties, pu-erh is an earthy fermented preparation of tea leaves and steeps to a dark, rich color. It is a common practice in China to drink pu-erh after a heavy meal to aid with digestion and boost metabolism. 


Moringa—often referred to as the ‘tree of life’—is one of nature's most nourishing plants, rivaling other wellness-promoting foods like turmeric, kale, and wheatgrass. A powerful ancient herb celebrated for its incredible nutrient density, moringa has been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures and ancient healing traditions around the world. Read more about moringa here.


Used in traditional herbal medicine for its support of overall health, tulsi—also known as holy basil—is considered a sacred plant in many Eastern religions, and is widely regarded as one of the preeminent herbs in the ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Be sure to also check out our Lavender Tulsi.

Mulberry Leaf

Noted for soothing, supportive, and nutritional qualities, mulberry leaf tea has been enjoyed in China as a health-promoting drink for centuries.

Chicory Root

A delicious cleansing herb, chicory’s reputation for possessing medicinal qualities dates as back as far as 5000 years to ancient Roman and Egyptian times. When roasted, chicory root is a popular caffeine-free coffee substitute.

    *Staff Pick*

    "This delicious tea disguises itself with forward chocolate and orange flavor. Underlying these are a blend of Pu-erh tea and herbs, together with supporting spring cleaning of that lingering winter funky feeling. This tea has a rich, full body and earthy depth underlying the enticing flavors, with a satisfyingly nutritive character that keeps me coming back." - Gabriel M. (QA & Food Safety Specialist)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Tastes great! A good intro to pu-erh

    I like how the chocolate and orange soften and enhance the earthiness of the pu-erh instead of trying to cover it. I wasn’t sure I would like the earthiness at first but I crave this now! Highly recommend.

    Jana C.
    Delicious & Soothing

    Not sure what it is about this tea, but my goodness, do I love it! It's delicious, soothing and I crave it when I go a couple days without it. I used to be a huge coffee drinker in the morning but this tea is slowly replacing my morning coffee.

    Laura L.
    Chocolate Dandelion Detox Pu-erh Tea

    Absolutely amazing aromatics and taste. Bravo.