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Tropical Gift Set


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      Sample the best of what paradise has to offer with this bright and tropical themed gift box! You might not be able to help yourself from imagining sand between your toes and a beach breeze flowing through your hair as you enjoy one of three fruity teas with lemon dessert wafers included in this set. Brew your tea in a vivid, mosaic inspired mug while you sip on a cup of tea reminiscent of a warm and sunny vacation!


      • Abstract Yellow Sunflower Mug
      • 18 ct Coconut Mango Oolong Tea
      • 18 ct Acai Berry Herbal Tea
      • 20 ct Mango Passionfruit Herbal Tea
      • Mini Oblaten Lemon Dessert Wafers
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    • SKU: 325938

Customer Reviews

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I purchase this as a gift and it came beautifully wrapped. The colors of the set made for a great presentation.

I was pleased with my order except....

I had pretty much no issue with my order, everything went smoothly but if I had to make one suggestion it would be about the gift wrap . I was a little disappointed when I saw the gift wrap because it was a bit festive and Christmas like and I understand we just passed the holiday season but the person I was giving the gift to doesn’t celebrate Christmas. So it would be nice if customers had the option to choose if they would like holiday themed gift wrapping or not because diversity is important and not everyone might celebrate so it’s good to keep all types of customers in mind. Wasn’t a huge deal, but I just think , especially if it’s a gift for someone, you want to make it to their liking as much as possible.