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Rose Oolong Tea



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      This exquisite high-grown Taiwanese Jin Xuan oolong has been scented with fragrant fresh-picked rose petals. Jin Xuan is also known as Milk Oolong due to its light and creamy taste, which contributes to the smooth-drinking, subtly sweet, and alluring flavors of Rose Oolong. This romantic tea is great as an after dinner tea, but can be enjoyed anytime for its enticing aroma and lingering taste. Great for multiple infusions.

      The leaves are hand-picked and require a high level of skill and artistry to produce this creamy, smooth-drinking oolong tea that is rich in aroma and balanced harmoniously in flavor. The Jin Xuan tea strain took 21 years to perfect and Taiwan has become famous for it.

      Oolong tea, rose petals

      Steeping Instructions
      3-5 minutes at 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit


      Country of Origin

      Cups to Grams
      100 grams makes 45-50 cups

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    • Variant: 100 g loose
    • SKU: 153100

Rose-Scented Oolong Tea
Leaves and petals unfurl to their full size.

*Staff Pick*

“Once I get past the holidays, I'm always looking for that cozy cup that helps me get to spring. Living in the Pacific Northwest means that we can have several days where all we see is liquid sunshine. I love how bright and calm this cup of tea is and that I can keep steeping it throughout the day. The flavor is subtle and sweet so I never add anything to it. It's the perfect cup to sit by the fire, read a book and wait for the warmer months.” – Tricia C. (Director of Consumer Sales)