Mother’s Day Tea Gift Guide

Posted on April 09 2020

Mother’s Day Tea Gift Guide | Stash Tea

It’s a fact that our holiday celebrations look different this year. For most of us, there are numerous changes we’re facing but with these changes come opportunities for us to get creative in how we celebrate.

We put together a gift guide, which you will find below. In addition, we’re sharing some things to do on Mother’s Day while staying physically distant. Beyond that, these Mother’s Day activities are all low-cost or free! And free is always good, right?

Things to Do on Mother’s Day

  1. Deep convo FaceTime session – Set aside some time for this one! Ask personal questions you haven’t thought to ask before.
  2. Make drinks together, separately – Cocktails or mocktails. Check out these tea-infused options! Citrus Honeydew Sparkling Tea Punch or try this Earl Grey Lavender Bourbon Punch.
  3. Make art together – Use only the art supplies you have on hand. Paint, glue, fabric, crayons–you could even use Stash tea as watercolors. Get creative with the items you have on hand. That old scarf or tote bag? They’re just asking to become masterpieces. Set up your devices so you can see each other and the artwork being created.
  4. Make tea together – Have a virtual tea tasting. Come up with a menu based on the flavors you already have in your home. What would pair well with your favorite flavors? (If you need some tea party gift ideas, keep reading below!)
  5. Take a walk “together” – Video chat and walk outside together. It’s springtime, so you can show each other the blooming trees and flowers.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Tea Lovers

We’re excited to join others in Mother’s Day celebrations that are a little less traditional and a little more inclusive. We know that “mom” is no longer just a term for the person whose DNA you share. Moms can be adoptive parents, step-parents, foster parents, a mentor, teacher, aunts or even uncles. We want to use this day to celebrate all human beings who have mothered others when they needed it.

Celebrating moms means celebrating people who have helped us grow and become better human beings ourselves. Since we are celebrating non-traditional motherhood this year, we put together a few different profiles of “mothers.” Maybe the mom in your life fits into one of the profile categories below.

Mother’s Day Tea Gift Guide for Not a Regular Mom but for a Cool Mom | Stash Tea

Not a regular mom—a cool mom *wink*

Sometimes you think she has better style than you, she sends you memes and makes her own TikTok dance videos. This mom stays up-to-date with what’s on-trend, so when buying a gift for her you probably want to really bring it. If she enjoys sipping tea, these tea gifts are the perfect solution to your search.

  1. A lot of people are thrown by the concept of dessert tea. But once they try it, they’re hooked! Help your mom start a new trend with this luscious Chocolate Mint tea. (Chocolate Mint Oolong, $3.95)

  2. This decadent, sweet Cherry Almond black tea is the best gift for a tea lover mom and the loose leaf tea will fit perfectly into the infuser mug mentioned below... (Loose Leaf Cherry Almond Black Tea, $9.95)

  3. The Cool Mom probably already knows oolong tea is trending. And this bright and fun flavored oolong is the perfect steep—oops, *step* towards discovering a new favorite. (Coconut Mango Oolong, $3.95)

  4. This mom is definitely a Super Diva. And this mug can hold her morning tea latte, motivate her to beat her current PR in the gym, and inspire her to keep on crushing the patriarchy. Her current mug probably only does the former. (Ruth Bader Ginsberg Ceramic Mug, $15.95)

  5. This cheeky mug is great for moms who “can’t even.” If your mom is a weekend warrior, then get her this clear glass graphic mug to help her keep the eye on the prize: the weekend. (Is It Friday Yet? Glass Mug, $10.95)

  6. On a scale of one to organized, she might be less "color-coded day planner" and more "brews cups of tea but forgets to drink them." This pink and gold infuser mug with a lid will keep her tea warm when she needs it and easily lifts away when she’s ready for a sip. (Casey Tea Mug and Infuser, $16.95)

  7. We are absolutely here for the fact that sustainability is trending. If your mom is all about giving back too, get her this set of lightweight clear mugs. They’re made by a B Corp, so you can feel good about supporting these mugs. You can also read this to impress her with knowledge about how Stash is a B Corp, too. (Fresno Double Walled Glass Mugs, $29.95)

  8. So maybe we’re not as on-the-go as we usually are, but this double-walled tumbler is a functional tea gift that will keep her tea warm for long periods of time. The gold floral accents and bamboo lid are sure to keep your mom looking fashionable. (Blair Bouquet Tumbler, $25.50)

  9. A tea kettle has one job and this one does it with style. The lovely mint ceramic kettle and the rose gold-detailed base add a touch of flair. Boiling water has never looked this good! (Noelle Pinky’s Up Electric Kettle, $55.95)

  10. This sleek design is definitely cool mom-worthy. With this electric kettle she can watch her water come to a precise boil and not have to worry about shutting it off when it’s done, since this will do it automatically! (Nesco Electric Kettle, $55)

Shop items from Cool Mom collection here.

Mother’s Day Tea Gift Guide for Did-you-remember-your-coat Mom | Stash Tea

The Did-You-Remember-Your-Coat Mom

She’s also known as the eternal caregiver and likes it best when there is something she can do for you. How can you know if your mother is a Did-You-Remember-Your-Coat mom? Is she always asking if you’re hungry? And even if you say no, has she already started making you a snack? (Or at least telling you to make yourself a snack.) When you go outside, even when you’re in your 30s and it’s 70 degrees out, does she suggest you wear a coat so you don’t get cold?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your mom fits this profile. When you were 13 it probably annoyed you to no end, but now that you’re a bit older, you realize it’s pretty nice to have someone caring deeply for you.

  1. She’s always worrying about you, so why not give her some tea that will let her have a moment of downtime? Classic Chamomile tea is a great option for relaxing after all the bustling about taking care of her loved ones. (Chamomile, $3.95)

  2. If Chamomile is already her go-to, help your mom to branch out a bit from her everyday flavor. If she's into calming spearmint and earthy lotus flavors, then Chamomile Nights is a great tea option. (Chamomile Nights, $3.95)

  3. Or maybe apple pie is her thing? Try this Cinnamon Apple Chamomile tea for a one-of-a-kind twist. (Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, $3.95)

  4. Looking for tea gifts that your mom doesn’t already have? Let your mom squeeze out her anxieties and avoid making a mess (that she would probably immediately clean up) with these mini tea tongs. (Round Mini Tea Tong, $5.50)

  5. This mug speaks for itself. This caregiving mom is always thinking about others and maybe, just once in a while, she gets caught up in her feelings. Grab this adorable graphic mug to help remind her that you appreciate her always caring for you. (So Many Feelings Mug, $10.95)

  6. For many of us morning commutes aren’t happening anymore, but this gorgeous floral travel mug is perfect for calming walks or anyone who still has places to be. It even has a cute colorful silicone sleeve for added function. Available in 4 prints and colors! (William Morris Travel Cups, $12.95)

  7. A gift that gives back is a double win, and we’re sure your caring mom would agree. For every purchase of this cute wide-mouthed mug, $1 goes to the Portland Urban Beekeepers, a non-profit organization of beekeepers that provides community, advocacy and education for those raising honey bees and supporting their presence in the environment. (Bee Kind Mug, $8.95)

  8. We can pretty much all agree with this mug’s message. Is there a more on-point gift for moms who like reading and tea? Just throw in a book about “how to chill” and you’ve got the perfect gift for your detail-oriented mama. (Books and Tea Forever Mug, $12.95)

  9. This beautiful gift set of Van Gogh decorated mugs is a great way to remind your mom that while you may not be with her physically, you’re looking forward to sharing a cup of tea with her when social distancing is over. (Sunflowers on Aqua Mug, $16.50)

  10. This caregiver is usually the type to enjoy keeping busy. Make sure her tea stays warm while she takes her time enjoying it with this skillfully crafted teapot. (Polish Pottery Blueberries and Roses Teapot, $65.95)

Shop items from Did-You-Remember-Your-Coat Mom collection here.

Mother’s Day Tea Gift Guide for Granola Moms | Stash Tea

Granola Moms

She pretty much makes her own everything. Treats, soap, shampoo... containers for said soap and shampoo. She loves the DIY movement. If you don’t have time, or maybe feel like you lack the skill to make a DIY gift for mom, these options are great gifts for tea lovers.

  1. This mom could definitely use some chai for at-home chai tea lattes. Our Double Spice Chai tea has lots of flavorful spices and while it’s great as is, we bet this crafty type of mother will probably enjoy doing it up her own way, adding nut milk, honey, and a dash of cinnamon on top. Yum. (Double Spice Chai Black Tea, $3.95)

  2. We still think chai tea is a perfect gift, but maybe she’d prefer to zen out with the earthy flavor of chai with a green tea base instead. (Chai Green Tea, $3.95)

  3. Let’s describe this next chai tea option: it’s sweetened without additives, naturally decaffeinated, and GMO-free (just like all our teas). And with a hint of dessert flavor, this Decaf Vanilla Chai is a great choice for your down-to-earth mom. (Decaf Vanilla Chai Black Tea, $3.95)

  4. Has your mom ever taken tea blending into her own hands? If not, start her on the path of creating new tea flavors with our Jasmine Blossom and Super Irish Breakfast combination! Read more about how to Mix & Match Stash. (Jasmine Blossom, Super Irish Breakfast, $3.95 ea)

  5. It so happens that Handcrafted Lavender Mug has sold out. Not to worry! We think your DIY mom will also appreciate the craftsmanship that went into Mountain Waves. This handcrafted masterpiece features cool shades of arctic blue, lilac, and charcoal, and it's handmade in Colorado by potter Alan Yarmark. (Mountain Waves Mug, $23.95)

  6. This stoneware honey pot is subtle and sweet. Perfect to help your mom drizzle some honey over her DIY granola bars. (Natural Flecked Stoneware Honey Pot, $12.95)

  7. Your granola mom is also a dreamer. She might even relate to the artist a little. This mug is fun and bright, and comes in a gift box to make the unwrapping of this gift even more enjoyable. (Frida Kahlo Mug, $12.95)

  8. So your mom is about DIY; from our research (a.k.a. looking at what our own moms are like), she is probably a bit outdoorsy too. This hand-thrown mug brings the outdoors to her morning cuppa tea. (Handcrafted Forest Trees Mug, $19.95)

  9. Your mom loves to Do It Herself, but why not branch out and get her something that she (most likely) could never paint herself? This Tea-for-Me Gift Set of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is beautiful and happy. Couldn’t we all use a bit of that in our lives? (Van Gogh Sunflower Tea for One in Gift Box, $36.95)

  10. This tea gift set has a handmade vibe to it, but we’re confident that we couldn’t make this ourselves. Outdoorsy-type, granola-loving DIY moms are sure to enjoy sipping from this! (Sold out)

Shop items from Did-You-Remember-Your-Coat Mom collection here.

But hey, don’t stress about finding the perfect tea gifts. More than anyone, moms know that it's the thought that counts. Everything else is a bonus!

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