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    Our limited edition 2019 Japanese Shincha has arrived!

Flask Glass Iced Tea Jug

Brew your iced tea hot or cold with this sleek and surprisingly light Iced Tea Jug. A great addition to any tea lover’s kitchen. Shop now

Staff Picks

Whether you like your tea hot or iced, or drink it while you’re working or relaxing, our team of tea people have some great ones to try. Shop Now

Root Beer Iced Tea

Have a sip of nostalgia with our Root Beer Iced Tea. This black tea blends sarsaparilla, monk fruit, wintergreen oil, natural root beer flavor and vanilla extract to create an undeniably tasty tea. Shop now

Elderflower Citrus

Elderflower Citrus is a new Stash Tea blend for 2019. The soft and distinctly sweet floral flavor of elderflower blossom pairs perfectly with white tea. We’ve added a fresh citrus note with the bright flavor of yuzu, for a well-rounded and inspiring blend.

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