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  • White Bouquet Pyramid Sachet

    White Bouquet Pyramid Sachet


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    5 stars
    White Bouquet - wonderful
    May 1, 2013
    In 2011, while visiting my mom in Tigard, OR, I found this tea as a specialty blend in a Stash Tea retail store nearby. I bought it as a gift for a friend, who loved it. This year when I visited my mom, I went back to the store. I was thrilled to discover that it is now in your lineup of teas! I was delighted, because I was afraid it was only a one-time blend; never to be done again and I wouldn't be able to get any for my friend. This is a lovely tea. I bought 3 bags (2 for gifts and 1 for me). It's a great favorite among my friends and even though it's only been a couple of months since I last purchased, I need to buy more. It's a great tea to give as a gift. Thanks for making it a part of your permanent tea inventory!

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