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  • Blossom Branch Double Wall Glass Tumbler

    Blossom Branch Double Wall Glass Tumbler


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    5 stars
    Great tumbler!
    October 8, 2013
    This is the first type of tumbler I've ever had in this style, and right out of the box I love it! First of all, I will say that the image printed on the glass IS NOT like the picture; the blossoms are not pink, they are definitely RED, and the tree branch has little details on it that are also red. However, I love red, so I think it looks much neater this way!!

    My first tumbler of tea stayed hot in this container (without the lid) for about an hour and a half. I'm still drinking it right now and it's still pretty warm! The outside of the container also gets pretty warm, but not melt-your-hand-off-hot, which is nice to keep your hands warm when its cold. I thought that the container would be spill-proof, but after sticking my tea bag into the tumbler and screwing the cap on tight, a quick tip upside down spilled hot tea all over my desk....... So be careful. I have not tried the tea strainer that comes in the tumbler yet. All in all, love this thing!! Would buy again for sure!

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