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  • Reactive Brown Ch'a Teapot

    Reactive Brown Ch'a Teapot


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    3 stars
    Nice brewing - poor pouring and handling
    February 20, 2014
    I bought this teapot due to dripping and limited capacity of my Acorn "For Life" tea appeared to be similar in design to a Japanese ceramic tea pot I used for years (until it cracked) but I am disappointed in the significant dripping when pouring the Ch'a tea pot, as well as the design of the handle (curved in a way that the pot burned my little finger when pouring for the first time). It does keep the tea hot for a long time (much longer than the "For Life" Acorn tea pot) and brews a great cup of tea...the problem is pouring afterwards! It's glaze is ok on top, but too muddy a brown for my taste on the bottom half of the pot (although the bottom half is normally not seen from above). The first pot shipped to me had an imperfection in the glaze (bare spot was showing through in one spot) and this was a replacement from Stash, at no charge. Glaze on the replacement was not as attractive.

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  • Southern Peach Tea

    Southern Peach Tea


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    5 stars
    Wonderful With Fresh Ginger
    June 4, 2013
    Sweet peach flavor goes wonderfully with fresh ginger to make a fresh ginger-peach tea. I sometimes mix with other Stash teas, both herbal and black teas in hot tea and (especially) iced tea. I am only sorry they seem to have discontinued the larger 100g size last time I ordered this for my tea cabinet.

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