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  • Acorn Teapot

    Acorn Teapot


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    5 stars
    August 4, 2013
    I have two of these as well and everything the others say is true. The lid design is perfect--it's resistant to falling off when you pour your tea. The colours are wonderful.

    I'm not sure what Stash means when they write "Detachable stainless steel lid". The lid is made of the same ceramic material as the pot. The infuser is stainless steel however. The infuser also has a handle making it really easy to remove it.

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  • Tea Bag Teapot 12 oz

    Tea Bag Teapot 12 oz

    5 stars
    Ingenious Design
    August 4, 2013
    I have two of these and I love them. I didn't think I'd like using a teapot for teabags but I do! Instead of handling a hot cup, I add tea to my cup from the pot when I want more. And, there's something soothing about using a teapot as opposed to a cup with a bag or an infuser.

    The design is ingenious. There's a shelf built into the side of the pot where the string goes through the black acrylic(?). When the tea is steeped to your liking, you just pull the teabag string and it pulls the bag out of the water and onto the shelf. Brilliant!

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