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  • Green Insulated Leaf Tumbler with Infuser

    Green Insulated Leaf Tumbler with Infuser


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    3 stars
    Be careful
    March 2, 2013
    This tea infuser is very pretty. The tea also stays warm for a long time so that is a plus. On the down side, because of the fact that the tea infuser is so close to the top of the lid, sometimes tea leaves can get stuck on the opening to the mouthpiece. That happened to me right after I got it and I was unaware of the tea leaf covering the opening. When the tea leaf finally gave way, the hot tea gushed out and burned my lips and tongue. Because I paid so much for this infuser, I will continue using it for a while, but am very careful if the tea does not feel as if it is flowing freely from the mouthpiece.

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